Friday, 22 February 2008

Week recap...

Haven't bothered to update daily this week because it has been

B.O.R.I.N.GImage Hosted by

I have no classes this week because it is Progress Test Week.I didn't go for my Tax test because I was unprepared (pathetic,I know..with my 2 weeks break..but I was too wired up about the results).The other two lecturers decided not to give us tests because they didn't trust us to come to college after results release...(I think)

So,I was basically very free except for two Pengajian Malaysia classes.Even then,I only attended one class because I got too caught up in a game of Texas Hold Em' Poker started by Joash (he actually has a case complete with cards and poker chips..Yes,you heard me right = POKER CHIPS) I lost more than I won and had to borrow chips from the winners aka 'Ah Longs'.I would make a lousy gambler.My flu has reached the point where mucus is clogging my respiratory system and the weather so blazing hot until my fingers (where my driving cardigan doesn't cover them) are sunburned (No,I'm not exaggerating).Image Hosted by

Other than a taste of poker and the sun,the only things that got me through the days were:-
1. Movies (watched Jumper and Vantage Point)
2. Heroes (finished watching Season 1 and Season 2)
3. Playstation 2 (conquered God of War 3 and WWE Smackdown!)

Notice how all the above has something to do with a square screen??I am SO studious...NOT.I also spent the time getting to know the new layout of JJ (N.B. 'lepak'),like today when Bavanee and I spent the morning there watching movie and sharing a huge ice-cream after it.See the picture here:-
During lunch,evil Bavanee spent over an hour talking non-stop on the phone (I regret introducing Happy to her) and left me with only Gordo (that's the grinning felllow up in the picture there..he's the new resident hanging from my mobile) for company.


Reality check for the coming week...
Pengajian Malaysia test (compulsory..OH NO!!!!) and classes starting.

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The damsel of no distress. said...

You skipped an exam... tsk tsk. .. naughty you.

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