Monday, 18 February 2008

Praise God..

I passed all five CAT papers which I sat for in December.

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This is really God's work.
I honestly thought two papers were goners because of several factors: unreliable lecturers (or was it just me??),inconsistent studying,insufficient time to finish exam questions...

But I made it.

Did much better than expected.
No borderline passes.

I'm so GLAD!!!!Image Hosted by
This is yet another proof to me that prayer really works.


I did say I was in denial about the results.Well,I recruited Stephanie,Bavanee,Vinita and Yoke Wei to watch 'Jumper' with me to pass the time;since I thought the results weren't coming out until 4 p.m.I didn't want to sit in front of the computer screen with my fingers crossed and rocking back and forth.So,escape into the cinema theater.
The movie was OK,the guy is HOT but the whole movie was too short and not very exciting.It finished at about 1:30 p.m and we went to have lunch in McD.At least,Vinita and I bought burgers but the others had no appetite.

It was while we were sitting at the table when Stephanie received this phone call from Christina saying that results were out!!!The burger I was chewing became tasteless.My denial had been shaken away.All of us just scrambled up,headed for the cars and went back to college to check our results.


Now I'm wondering how I'm going to face the Tax test I have tomorrow since I haven't had the mood to pick up the books during the holidays. That's it.I MUST correct this procrastinating habit of mine.

By the way,I'm falling sick.I've got a deadly painful sore throat.Coughing and sneezing at intervals.Hope it will stay at that.Fever is the last thing I need...Now,where did I put my lozenges???

3 squeaked:

Lainey said...

hey joyce. congrats on the 5 amazing passes! as for your tax test. best of luck!
anyways thought i'd let you know.. i'm leaving for tasmania tomorrow. :)
the past week has been tons of fun!
take care.
God bless.

samantha said...

btw, jumper nice anot? my friend is pestering me to accompany me to wach it but i am kinda relunctant. so how? is it worth it?

chrys said...

dont fall sick lar.. hehe.. take care joycey

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