Monday, 11 February 2008

Year of the RAT.

(I know its over..but the wish looks good on the page..hehe)

A new (Chinese) year..
My dad's zodiac this year,so you can guess how old he is.My zodiac is the snake by the way (random fact about me..). As promised,I will blog about my Chinese New Year. So,put your finger on that mouse and scroll down:-



My mum was in a cleaning frenzy,so I was running up and down the house with pails,brooms,rags,cleaning liquids and the vaccum cleaner.I was i
n the midst of wiping down my room window rails and taking down the curtains when my phone beeped.I flipped it open with my chlorine-wrinkled fingers.
*Text message from Sze Haw.Read now?* *teet*(Yes button):-

"Eh,ur house got eggs and milk??"
"Err,yes...y? -.-' "
(my cousin,Liane was back for the holidays) gonna make muffins la.U want to join?"

Ok..that was sudden.But I was SO glad of the opportunity to escape.*I LOVE MY
COUSINS!!!!*So I informed my dad(who likes baked goods) and he gave me the nod.I raided my kitchen for the ingredients,bundled everything into my two cousins' arms and the three of us headed to The Wong Baking Headquaters : Sze Haw's kitchen.

This wasn't the first time we baked muffins.But this time was special because it was our first attempt to decorate the muffins with homemade icing.Yes,you heard me rig
ht:HOME-MADE ICING. I shall not reveal the secret recipe(actually some others already know but just let me dramatize this...) but I'll show you photos of the past attempts and this attempt.Brace yourself for TEMPTATION....

And guess what... The hardest part WASN'T the baking,but the darn icing.We tried making our own icing syringe with food-storage plastic.It worked for like three minutes.First,we were happily squeezing patterns on our lovely fresh-from-the-oven muffins and next thing we knew,the plastic burst and icing was running down our fingers.There was a lot of frantic scooping,patching the hole with tape and licking away blobs that spilled on our fingers(we washed them immediately after,we're hygienic OK..) Liane and I also made some lychee jellies and out little "helper",Buddy (Liane's new dog) pranced around the kitchen like some extra furry ball.
Buddy,the total cutie!!!
Chinese New Year's Eve means we had a family dinner the same night.The dinner was held at Pakeeza.Yes,INDIAN food.Not the same,old,boring 8-course dinner in an overcrowded Chinese restaurant where they seat you next to the toilet,the food served in platters piled to rival the Great Wall of China and the waiters all act like they can't wait for you to finish your food and get going so that they can let in the next bunch of diners. We planned to bring our muffins and jellies for dessert,But everyone was full after the dinner so we had to save them for tomorrow instead,when everyone comes to our grandparents' house for the day.


Chor Yat..

Gathered in our grandparents,clasping hands and wishing everyone.Here's my stock of usual wishes:-
"Gong Hei Fatt Choy"
"San Tai Kin Hong"
"Pou Pou Gou Seng"
"Lin Lin Te Kum Leng"
"Sing Yat Te Hoi Sam"

I regret to say that I'm not very fluent in my mother tongue..We spent half the day there eating,drinking,playing cards(no gambling) and drinking(no alcohol).My family left for Klang to visit my mother's side of the family.I didn't take many pictures because I always end up as baby-sitter to my young cousins...but to give you a general idea:-

(if you're wondering about the plate with the hotdog,
its the result of PlayDough and entertaining my little cousin...)


The four days I spent there were basically for visiting my relatives.managed a trip to Megamall where I did manage to pick up a new book and the pair of black heels which I've been hankering after since last year.

Psst!!Tell me what you think about what I did to pictures using my new photo editor.

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