Tuesday, 12 February 2008


Xian's leaving for Aussie today.
We are gonna miss Rosey...the thorn among the roses(somehow he's always the only guy with a bunch of girls...)He had his last breakfast with the Breakfast
Gang yesterday.The gang:-

Me(half cut off),Chrys,Rosey Xian and SzeHaw..

Elaine joined us yesterday;she nearly didn't make it because she switched off her mobile and didn't get my message the night before,but she joined us just as we were sitting down to 'apam' and 'tosai'.After breakfast,a gambling stint in my house(with playing cards and coins from my jar..nothing Las Vegas) and a room invasion at Sze Haw's.Then Xian and Chrys ditched us for ang pau harvesting (just kidding..it was a house visitation).

From left:Rosey Xian,Chrys,SzeHaw,Elaine and Me.


Rosey,if you're reading this...
All the best with your studies there,have fun,don't fight with the kangaroos and take care.Just don't come back all un-Rosey like.
God Bless You....

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