Monday, 4 February 2008


Went to Xian's surprise(NOT) farewell party. According to Xian we all gave him many "hints" about his party (Hmph,I was one step ahead OK.I knew he would find out eventually and didn't bother hiding it from there!) I got a bit grouchy because
I was told it would start right after Youth;so I assumed it was 6 p.m. and told my parents I'd be back by 9p.m. (first time driving alone at night...they were worried). Well,my assumption was wrong. Ended up going first to Qi Vin's house to let him bath(and for Sze Haw to collect stuff) and kill time.

Got a bit confused finding Xian's house (my sense of direction is bad and I can get lost in Ipoh...I admit it) and no thanks to Qi Vin who was so HELPFUL when I was picking my way there. Didn't do much at the party;just sat around talking and stealing food from the plates (we were supposed to wait for all the food to arrive before starting but we were hungry). We left early and I found my way home without any incident (I'm so proud of me!!).


Met up with Louisa in JJ. I LOVE her new hairstyle!!!The original plan was to have brunch and chill;but ended up with a brief stop at Tesco (failed lava lamp hunt) and then headed to JJ.Lunched at Secret Recipe and halfway through,Louisa caught two of her friends walking by and got them to buy us tickets for Meet the Spartans.Spontaneous yes???
Everything seemed to be turning out to be a great outing,BUT,Louisa's phone got stolen. YES, S-T-O-L-E-N.This is what happened.After clearing the plates of blueberry cheesecake(me),black pepper chicken(me),Irish lamb stew(Louisa) and a chocolate milkshake(shared);we paid and left the table.

Two minutes later,Louisa went,"Damn!!I left my phone there!!" and we rushed back.The waiter was still clearing our table when we got back there. I won't go into details,but after complaining to the manager there,making the staff turn out their pockets and some noise at the counter with a couple of guards,the phone wasn't found and we had to make a police report at the Sg. Senam police station after watching the movie(couldn't waste the tickets).

So people:-


It wasn't a very good end to our day out. I hope the b*****d who stole her phone will get what he deserves.(We sent this threatening message to her phone saying the phone had GPS and stuff but he didn't buy it obviously) Still,it was great to see Louisa again.

Louisa fell in love with my lil' devil.
Don't ask..

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