Sunday, 27 June 2010

Bejeweled Blitz is SERIOUS BUSINESS

I get the most INTERESTING messages in my Facebook inbox. Haha!! If you have been reading my blog you'll probably remember my previous encounter with a boy who messaged and called me 'stuck up' (click here to read). Well, just yesterday I opened my Facebook at 8 in the morning and saw this message in my inbox from a guy, N. I don't know this guy at all by the way. Read on:-

My eyebrows really went UP. I didn't know whether to take it seriously or not. I was 8 a.m. and this fellow was awake and begging me to play Bejeweled for him. Mind you, he was offering a stranger (I don't know him, he don't know me) access to his FB account just to win a Bejeweled bet with his friend. HUH???!!! Anyway, read more:-

Well, I relented. Because I looked through the mutual friends and the info available on his account and decided he was serious, and not a joker nor a mad FB hacker (a few of my friends' profiles got hacked recently ). Plus I didn't want him to go giving his password to someone else who might abuse it. So I logged in, played 3 rounds before I surpassed the 200k mark for him with 319,800 points. He used his girlfriend's profile (turned out to be a junior of mine in secondary school) to FB Chat the whole time.

Well, that certainly made my day more interesting. Haha!! To think the FB game which I play weekly (it's quite addictive) can be such a serious bet for someone to spend a whole night trying to score. I wish I could win something with my scores though (Dang, I should have asked for a share of whatever he won with my help!!). Oh, if you're wondering, this is my score for the week:-

So close to the 500k medal!!!
See what I mean by addictive??

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kenwooi said...

lol.. really addicted eh =P

JoYce said...

hehe..yes kenwooi. Must go into rehab already. :D

TOLANIC said...

Bejeweled is very addictive. When I play, confirm hard to stop. Normally I play using my mobile phone.

JoYce said...

Hi Tolanic..OMG..i also have bejeweled in my phone!! XD once I get going..hard to stop too.

TOLANIC said...

Cool! You are using what phone? I play the old bejeweled and not those fancy fancy one. =)

SuFang (Careen) said...

Haha this is awesome. And he seriously gv out his fb account n password in tat way @.@

JoYce said...

I'm using SE W705 n my bejeweled is also the old one.haha!!I purposely transfer frm my old phone to play. :P

I know right???He's lucky i'm not a hacker. ahaha!!

Gee said...

know wat u meant...m addicted too to tis...kekeke

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