Tuesday, 29 June 2010

My New Toy!!

Woohoo!!This came in the mail (actually, it came in a yellow striped, honking Poslaju van at my gate) for me yesterday:-
After layers of newspapers and loads and LOADS of bubble wrap, I finally got to hold my 88 Warm Palette in my hands!!! I've been waiting for this for two weeks.

I got it from this online shop here, at RM71 including postage.

I've been playing with it experimenting with the colours. They are really rich colours and easy to apply. Lasts quite long too. I'm so happy that I finally managed to create a smokey eye on my own without looking like I am sleep deprived. Haha!!
I see YOU!!
Blah. Make up doesn't show up in pictures. Only thing you can probably spot in picture above is my eyeliner?? I look creepy in the other pictures I took so no posting up. Don't want to scare my readers away and give people nightmares.

It makes me wonder HOW MUCH make up those celebrities and stars have on when they're being filmed or photographed. Must be super thick. Anyway, wait till I get back to my room in Sunway. Then I can do the full make up, with the fake lashes, mascara and so on and see the full effect. THEN I shall put a proper picture of myself in full make-up gear.

Haha!! Am so happy with my new toys. Any volunteers for me to practice on???Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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vialentino said...

hi hi...bump to ur site...very nice bloggie and like ur pics...

suhaisweet said...

Nice..really!..Don’t miss my latest..very useful Check Here

Hilda Milda™ said...

wow, 88 colours! that's a lot, too bad im not that into makeup cause i dont know how to use it LOL anyway, cant wait to see more of your experiment photos :D

kenwooi said...

wow.. nice makeup set! =)

JoYce said...

Hi..thankx for dropping by. :)

Hi there. :)

JoYce said...

@Hilda Milda
I'm trying to teach myself cuz its fun. LOL. Oohh..fingers crossed i can produce a non creepy picture of myself. :P

thanks.i'm so loving it. xDDD

Jessy said...

lucky i came into ur blog post, i saw this on fb. they're selling for rm88. Post laju not included sumore.
The quality is alright? Cuz wanted to get it, since it had super lotsa colours.

JoYce said...

Hi Jessy. Oohh..actually a lot of ppl are selling this but I found this blog which is quite reasonable price. mayb the one you saw is different palette.

The quality is good. I've tried it everyday so far and no problem. :)

Зו В๑๑i™ •× said...

that's a LOT of make up lol!!! XD


JoYce said...

Hi Daphne. :)
Hehe...do u like it??

Grace said...

the colors are so pretty!

Gee said...

wow Joyce...we r sharing the same passion on toys...tis is really handy 88 in 1? mind telling how n where to buy tis..?

JoYce said...

Yea!!!they're nice. :)

I did link the shop where I bought my palette from in my post. Click on the link and you'll be directed to the blogshop where I got it from. CHeers. :D

Gee said...

thnx joyce...u r da best...ehee :-)

JoYce said...

you're welcome, Gee. :)

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