Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Nuffnang Screening : The Back-Up Plan

This post is belated but better late than never.
I got tickets to watch the premier screening The Back-Up Plan from Nuffnang. THANK YOU NUFFNANG. Since I happened to be in KL during the week (staying with family in Maytower Hotel) , I decided to go with Ben and accepted the invite.

Dad dropped me off in MidValley and Ben picked me up from The Gardens before we headed to The Curve since the screening was at e@Curve. Talk about mall-hopping. Haha!! Anyway, we had dinner in TGIF and shared a 2-course meal (I learnt my lesson last time that I CANNOT finish a 2-course meal on my own). Ben chose starters so main course was up to me. Hence, this was dinner:-

Boneless Buffalo Wings

Adobo Chicken
came with nice sweet potato fries..

The food was not as fantastic as I anticipated and the portions seem smaller?? Ben was saying that the economy crisis is making everyone tightening belts. Well, I was full but still had space for dessert. I chose the Mocha Mudpie since I haven't had this in the longest time:-

Mocha Mudpie!!
Hmm..again, was not as good as I thought it would be. Maybe it is the outlet problem?? It is my first time eating at The Curve's outlet since I frequent the Sunway Pyramid's outlet more. Will find out soon. Anyway, still enjoyed dinner since it was my first time seeing him after going back in Ipoh for exams.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

At around 8:10p.m. we rushed to the cinema to collect our tickets. We were so afraid there would be a long line ahead of us since we were later than usual (normally we would line up by 8 p.m. for the counter to open at 8:30 p.m.) but there were like less than 10 people ahead. I got a nice surprise this time because Nuffnang was giving out The Back-Up Plan merchandise along with the usual tickets and NN badge. I could choose between a bag, a pouch and a shirt. Well, I took the shirt because it was the most practical for me and it was NOT PINK. Haha!!! (no puns intended!!). Had to borrow pics from Ben's blog since I didn't take any...

Our tickets!!

And The Back-Up Plan t-shirt
Ben and I were speculating on what people will think of either of us walking around wearing that shirt. I think I'll try it out in a place where nobody will recognise me. On second thought...not good idea to make people stare at my chest. Image  Hosted by ImageShack.us (psstt!!Ben..Up for it???)

Anyway, we entered the cinema and made ourselves comfortable for the movie. We got seats which were slightly below eye-level despite lining up early. =/The movie was pretty funny. It reminded me a little of Knocked Up though...basically showing the funny process of both woman and man trying to adjust and prepare (and going a little psychotic) for the arrival of the bundle of joy; where in this case(movie) there are bundle-S of joy. The birth scene was pretty crazy and made me cringe a little. Cringe from laughter and a little disbelief. My goodness. Well, overall it was an enjoyable movie and quite worth watching.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

There was little drama while Ben was sending me back to Maytower hotel since he's never driven there before plus Google Maps failed us at the last minute. Sigh-ness. But I got back safely. So all's well, ends well.

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Dewi Batrishya said...

Nice wordings on the t-shirt! haha..
Looks like u had fun! =)
Going to check out tht movie soon.

JoYce said...

Hi Dewi Batrishya. xD
Yea do go check it out. it's funny. :)

Wai Jon ;D said...

Adobo chicken! Adobo means dressing or sauce in Spanish! So you ate chicken dressing? hahahah :P

LeaF芳 said...

The Mocha Mudpie looks delicious~
gonna try it next time~

JoYce said...

Hi Leaf. Yea..i love it. u shud try it. :D

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