Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Saisaki Japanese Buffet

My craving for a Japanese buffet was finally fulfilled. Dad promised to bring the family for a Japanese buffet since we were in KL for the week. After some consideration, we went for Saisaki Japanese Buffet :-
If it sounds familiar to you, it's because it's under the same company as Shogun Japanese Buffet. I can almost safely say they're the same?? At first my brother and I were campaigning for Tenji in Mont Kiara but Dad didn't know the way. We crossed Jogoya off because it was quite pricey. So Dad's friend recommended Saisaki and we went for and evening of family gluttony indulgence. Okay, I shall keep words to a minimum and let you gorge your eyes on the pictures:-

The MAIN reason I love buffets is the unlimited fresh oysters..

and sashimi..

I was very pleased to find that the oysters, salmon, tuna and the like used for the sushi was really fresh that day. Could taste it and I totally enjoyed it. Thumbs up for that.

I absolutely adore this:

Mum and Dad enjoying their food:

Me and Mummy

Dad and Josh

Tempura was a little disappointing because some of it went all soft by the time I took it. Maybe they didn't put it under proper heat lights or something. Other than Japanese food they also had other cuisines. So I took whatever that caught my fancy.

Lamb shank
(was very tender and good)

Cheese-baked oysters and mussels

(tasted funny. =/)

Assortments from the Thai corner:

They also had a Teppanyaki corner where you may select what you want for them to cook and serve it piping hot. Mummy and I gave it a try.

My mushrooms, beef, lamb and squid teppanyaki

Mum's vegetables, tofu and prawns teppanyaki

And other random stuff we picked up along the way:

Siew Mai
from the dim sum corner

'Shark fin' soup
They disguised glass noodles as shark fin.Image Hosted by
WTH. I've eaten shark fin before so they didn't fool me.

After I had had enough. I went and explored the dessert corner:-

Water chestnuts in coconut milk
(Not too bad)

Assorted fruits, pudding and mochi.

(LOVE the peppermint chocolate flavour)

I was so SO SO SO FULL. I tried to drink hot tea to help with the bloated-ness but it made me feel all sloshy. Haha!! Well, we were all pleased with the buffet because we took our time eating and managed to try most things by not being greedy and taking a little of everything to try (except maybe the oysters. I ate like a dozen of themImage Hosted by Satisfied and STUFFED. See my bro displaying the OMG-I-overate look:-

I love buffets. Once in a while.
Good food tastes best with great company.
Image Hosted by

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Hilda Milda said...

OMG, now I want japanese buffet too )): My friends tried both tenji and jogoya and there were real good too but yeah jogoya is way too pricey.

JoYce said...

Hi Hilda!! yea..I get those cravings too. :P I haven't been to Tenji yet though... =/

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