Friday, 25 June 2010

Knight and Day; Chef & Brew

Ben picked me up early and he drove to Midvalley for our movie, Knight and Day. Since we reached earlier than expected, he got tickets for the 11 a.m. show instead of collecting his booked tickets for the 11:30 a.m. show. The cashier still tried to charge him an extra RM1 for the tickets even though he was not collecting tickets.Image Hosted by We went into the cinema right after getting the tickets.
The movie was rather a disappointment. Was not as action-packed nor funny as I expected. Though it had some pretty outrageous and over the top scenes, it didn't have me laughing until I was breathless nor holding my breathe anticipating what would happen. In fact, it was pretty predictable. Pity. With two well known Hollywood stars, it could have been so much better.

Anyway; after the movie, Ben brought me to this place in Damansara Heights called Chef & Brew for our lunch. It was my first time there and the both of us were the youngest people in the place. The rest were all clad in work suits and enjoying their meal during their office lunch hours. The place had a nice and relaxed atmosphere though. I really could not decide what to order because he had already decided on the set lunch there. I was spying on other tables and everything looked nice. Haha. But when the waiter came over, I had to make up my mind in the end. Pictures of our food:-

Complimentary butter and toast

Mushroom soup from Ben's set

Garlic bread
was extremely garlic-y and buttery. Nice.

My Grilled Chicken Fillet with Roast Sauce
Good flavour. I enjoyed everything on the plate except the mixed vegetables.

My Caramel Latte
I liked the coffee but could have done with more caramel in it.

Ben's Fish Fillet with Nyonya SauceThe fillet was actually really tender and nice, only the sauce was strange since it was peanut sauce meant for rojak. The sides were good though.

His Iced Coffee
(which I honestly thought was Coke!!Haha!!)

I was really full by the time the Chocolate Cake from Ben's set arrived at the table. The Chocolate Cake was really tiny though. I think that small piece of cake can fit into my mouth in one big chomp. Haha!!
TINY Chocolate Cake
It was moist and rich. Good chocolate cake. Fortunately we didn't order dessert since I really had no more room after that cake. We decided to leave and head to Sunway to get my train tickets for KL, so we called for the bill. And he settled it.

Thank you, dear. Image Hosted by

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v!vi@n said...

chef and brew...there is one in penang..i went there b4..not bad...i think they serve good food!!!

nanged and clicked on your hit me bek^^

JoYce said...

hey Vivian..yea..the food there was good. :) thanks. :)

jfook said...

The moist choc cake looks good.

JoYce said...

hi jfook. yes it was good. :D

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