Sunday, 20 June 2010

Tanjung Tualang Seafood and ICE JELLY!!!

As I mentioned in my previous post (here), after our stops at the Agarwood Plantation and Bird Park; we headed to Tanjung Tualang for a seafood lunch.

Up till a few years back, my family would come here quite frequently for family lunches because my grandmother has some relatives here.My family will normally go to the same restaurant for the seafood but because the lady boss was a hardcore gambler, she had to fled from Tg Tualang because Ah Longs were after her for her heavy gambling debts. So after she fled and closed down the restaurant, we don't come anymore. Well, this time with the CG; we went to this restaurant:-
It's actually located among a row of seafood restaurants, which in my opinion are not much different because each will have their own style, so it's pretty much up to personal taste. Anyway, the REAL treat for me (and my cousins) whenever I'm in Tg Tualing is the ICE JELLY!!!!:-

Wan Toh Long
The wan toh long is actually sold by an old man in his roadside stall but you may order it through the restaurants because they allow it. It's a must try because it's really refreshing and unlike some other shops' versions I've tried before, their jelly is fragrant and the lime syrup is just nice, not too sour and not too sweet. Total BLISS to be drinking this again after like 5 years??Image Hosted by

I used to be unable to stop sip sip sipping away at my cup of wan toh long when I was younger and I'd be left with less than half a cup by the time the food arrived. Well, nothing changed. I had like a quarter of my drink left when the food arrived. Haha!! Anyway, pictures of FOOOOD:-

Sotong kangkung in peanut rojak sauce
the sauce was awesome!!!

O' Chien (baby oysters omelette)

Steamed catfish with pickled vegetables

Butter prawns
(blurry picture.sorry!!)

Aaaand..the highlight dish..

Steamed freshwater prawns

I got one with eggs. Yummy yummy...
There were other dishes too but I was too busy eating plus didn't like to stop others from eating just to take pictures. Did the best I could. So hope the pictures still make you hungry!!Image Hosted by

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Hilda Milda said...
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JoYce said...

Hi Hilda..err???okay.. :)

Hilda Milda said...

I was saying OMG, those seafood is making me hungry now and the ice jelly is so tempting!

JoYce said...

LOL...alright.glad you like the pics. :D

J2Kfm (Malaysian Food Blog) said...

This would be the one locals go to, right? How much was the meal?

And good to know that you can order the wan tau long into the restaurant. I am definitely aiming for this. I have been to the others, and I find that Lung Seng's rather good.

JoYce said...

If i remember right, the meal was about RM200++ for 12 of us at the big table. :)

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