Thursday, 3 June 2010


The story runs thus:-

Girl bought KTM Intercity ticket to go back to Ipoh from KL Central.
Train departs at 6 p.m.
Girl stays in Sunway.
Needs to travel to KL Central to get on the train.

Girl is poor student. Relies on public transport.
As always, decided to take KTM from Subang Jaya station to KL Central.
Girl starts journey at 3:50 p.m. (Reminder : train leaves 6 p.m.) Girl is a little paranoia about missing train from from past rushing experience.
Girl reached Subang Jaya station at 4:10 p.m. and sits and wait for train to KL Central.
Train to KL Central arrives at 4:20 p.m.
Girl gets into Ladies Coach and saw many gender confused guys sitting in there. Haha!!
It starts raining heavily.
Girl congratulates herself that she is safe from rain because will not be outdoors at all until reach Ipoh. Also congratulates herself that she will be EARLY in KL Central and will have time for early dinner in Burger King before getting on train back to Ipoh.


Train reaches Pantai Dalam station at 4:50 p.m.
Doors remained opened and train does not move for about 10 minutes.
KTM worker pops in and says something very fast and quickly go to the next coach.
People start murmuring to each other wondering what the fella said.
Girl gets uneasy and starts asking around what was said.
Turns out it is : "Whoever heading to KL Central must get down here because KTM has no more current to get to KL Central. This train is heading backwards."
IDIOT FELLA. He should have announced such an important thing more clearly and at least 3 times to ensure we HEARD and UNDERSTOOD!!!!

Girl quickly jumps out of train.
Hurries with the crowd (other people who also got out) to the office and starts questioning the KTM worker there. Double-confirmed : Girl is STRANDED IN THAT STATION that she has NO IDEA where she IS and it was already 5:30 p.m and IT WAS RAINING SUPER HEAVILY!!!
Girl asks what alternative is there to get to KL Central.
KTM worker points to a direction where there is a bus top to wait for taxi or bus.
Girl starts panicking. GIRL HAS ONLY RM5 IN HER PURSE (because she travels by Touch&Go and thought to withdraw money when reached KL Central)


Girl started to ask around who was going to KL Central hoping to share taxi fares.
Met a kind soul named Miss Iqa who gave her RM20 even though she was not going to KL Central and have never met the girl before; she insisted the girl take the money.
Girl was very touched.

In order to get to bus-stop, girl had to RUN THROUGH THE RAIN and was SOAKING WET by the time reach bus-stop. Girl used jacket to protect laptop from the rain instead of covering self with it.
Met a nice man called Mr Saljit who offered to share taxi with her and 2 other women who needed to go to KL Central.
Problem : No taxi in sight.

Time was already 5:40 and girl is trying not to panic
Suddenly; one taxi passed, and the ENTIRE CROWD at the bus stop ran towards it.
Miraculously, Mr Saljit managed to get the taxi and all four quickly got into the taxi.
Another miracle : the taxi driver actually used his meter!!! God bless him!!
Girl still biting fingernails because have no idea if will reach KL Central before the Intercity Train leaves. Was praying hard for no jam.
God was good : the roads were super clear the whole way because of Wesak!!


Taxi pulled up in KL Central at 5:55 p.m. sharp.
Mr Saljit paid the RM8 taxi fare and refused girl's and the others' offers of repayment by going, "It's okay. Even if you all were not with me I would still have to take taxi." Such kindness.
Girl quickly runs to Platform 2 and relieved to see that she was on time for her train.


-the end-



In case you have not caught on, the Girl was ME. Although I typed my story above quite sarcastically, I was quite scared and panicky when I found out I was stranded. I made rather panicky phone calls to my Dad and Ben and calmed down a little. I was soaked to the skin and had to squeeze water out of my hair before getting into the taxi. I was THAT wet. And because I had to get into the train back to Ipoh almost immediately, I spent the whole journey feeling cold and quite frozen. Way to go KTM!!

Random picture to end post and shake off the unpleasant feeling :

Kenny Rogers' with my parents.

Chocolate Muffins

Quarter Meal

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