Sunday, 6 June 2010

Thumbs UP to TM, for once. :P

My family got a little surprise yesterday when a man turned up at our front gate and announced that he was from TM and was here to fix our internet line. I had applied for the Streamyx Campus package and TM had initially told my dad that they will be cutting the line for 2 weeks at least, and here was this guy at our doorstep a whole week earlier than expected. Wow.

I half feel bad for being pessimistic and thinking the internet would be down for a month (because I heard horror stories from others who also switched) and the other half is grudgingly giving TM a pat on the back for their *ahemunexpected* efficiency. So, thumbs up to you for once TM. And I sincerely hope our relationship will continue to be mutually peaceful with smooth connection from your side and no hair-tearing, teeth gnashing and fire flaring over slow connection from my side.Image Hosted by
I don't remember the last time I felt so at peace with Streamyx. Haha!! (Okay..I'll stop with the puns already.) I am currently back in Ipoh in case there are still question marks about my location and I'M SORRY I haven't cari-ed anyone to yum cha/makan because I'm in hermit mode to cram as much as I can for my upcoming exam; and I'm pretty sure all my brothers and sisters in ACCA are in same mode. However, my friends will notice that this time I'm not losing my head this sitting as is customary with my previous sittings. Normally my blog will be either dead or consist of ranting "OMG-I'M-GONNA-SO-DIE" posts.
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No, it's not because I am confident (I will NEVER be confident when taking ACCA papers) but it's because I'm plain BORED of these periods already. So my aim is to just get through as best as I can and hopefully quickly clear and don't have to face more sittings. Nevertheless, I wish all those who will be facing papers tomorrow onwards

Strive your hardest and let God do the rest!!!

And one more thing before I end, food pictures for my readers. I don't know about you but I feel like it's a crime not to post up at least one food post when I am back in Ipoh. Haha!! Dinner in Anika Selera (Dung Gu Ting) the other day with family and I ordered from my other favourite claypot chicken rice stall:-

Tony Claypot Chicken Rice

Claypot Chicken Rice (Large)
(serves 2 or 3)

I have another favourite claypot chicken rice stall, K-Ten which you can read about here. I still can't choose between the two because one serves better RICE while this one (Tony) served better CHICKEN. My brother and I always joke that we should mix the two to get the perfect claypot chicken rice. Other than claypot we also ordered other stuff :-

My fresh sugarcane juice


Ais Kacang

Good brain food to help me as I continue my cramming all over the house. As of present, my notes and books mark my territory in the study room, my room, the main table and the living room coffee table. It's a good thing I'm the Queen since I'm taking exams. Haha!! Oops. Okay, back to my notes. Will update when I can!! Image Hosted by

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