Thursday, 17 June 2010

Post-Exam Period

Hallelujah, my exams are over. And as usual I'm being all lazy and the 'what now' feeling was settling in a bit; but I'm determined not to waste my holidays (which consists of 2 weeks) and already got started on one of my 'holiday projects'. Am feeling excited about it. Now just got to wait for my package to arrive in the mail and I get into action.Image Hosted by

Anyway, here's a few highlights I didn't blog about during my exam. My dad came back from the Bata Warehouse Sale in KL with FOUR PAIRS OF NEW SHOES :-

One for each member of the family...

This is mine:

My free netbook from TM has arrived (the one that comes with the Stremyx Campus plan which I switched to) which again surprised me because TM told me I won't get it until end of July??Anyway, thank you TM for this:-
I haven't even touched it since my dad has been exploring it. Well, it looks nice and seems to function well. I think it will serve my parents better for their meeting trips than me; though I DID like the idea of me carrying it around in my handbag very much...Hmmm...Haha!!Image Hosted by

I've chugged down a serious amount of coffee during my exam period to keep myself awake while cramming. (And thanks Adrian for the 2 Red Bulls I chugged down right before my papers. They helped.) I've gone cold turkey since my last paper maybe that's why I feel so lethargic. The caffeine withdrawal is kicking in a little. But I'll be fine after a few days. Putting myself on a minimal coffee limit for now till I start classes. Kind of hard to stick to it though when I'm in Ipoh, the home to White Coffee :-
I am missing my old bunch of Sunway Ipoh friends. Majority have left Ipoh in search of better pastures. Those still in Ipoh have their work. I know I still get to meet you all, but I really do miss the days where I'd be coaxing the bunch of you to go out somewhere for lunch and we'd end up going in 2 or 3 cars, crowding whichever shop was our destination, make a noise with our chattering, staying longer than we meant to and leisurely going back to college for our next class with the assurance of, "Won't late one...won't start on time also." The birthday parties, particularly Mei Theng's 19th, the movie outings. I really miss you all.

Though I don't see you as often as I would like, or can't see you, due to time constraints. The mutual affection I felt when hanging out with you all will always be there.Image Hosted by

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