Saturday, 15 May 2010

Broken teeth, Big Tree and K-Ten

No, the broken teeth aren't mine. My teeth are still in their proper places. But the same can't be said of the teeth of my poor comb. You see, Yoong broke my comb. They say hair is stronger than my poor wooden comb stood no chance :-I liked that comb. It was free but still... Image Hosted by (HAHA!!!Sorry Yoong, I couldn't resist posting this up. Don't kill me!!!)Image Hosted by It's time to look for a new comb. And high time I combed my hair more often.

Okay, now to move on to nicer topics than broken teeth. I have more FOOD pictures from my food expedition with Yoong around Ipoh. I brought her to Big Tree Foot (better known as Dai Shu Geok) for lunch the other day. I myself had been craving for it and finally got to go. Yay!!

Mum and Yoong

Fresh sugarcane juice

Ais kacang
(was quite terrible)

But moving on to the food. Big Tree's specialty:-

Assorted fried liu (or yong tau foo, whatever you call it)

Fried fu chook

A little tip, when eating in Big Tree, always ask for an additional bowl of their laksa soup to dip the fried liu into.It's awesome!!!

Of course, you also eat noodles with the fried stuff.
My personal favourite.

Dried curry hor fun

Mummy's laksa mi fun
The stuff was good but I must go there earlier next time. Big Tree is always sold out very fast even though they keep frying new batches since people buy their liu in plastic bags full.

We also brought Yoong to the popular claypot chicken rice shop, K-Ten. It is located behind Jusco area. This one is actually a branch from the original shop in Bercham but no worries, the quality is still the same. Tried and tested before.
A little advanced warning though if you decide to venture there for your meal. You have to WAIT. It's not only because of the customer numbers factor but also because they actually boil the rice in clay pots over charcoal fires. So meanwhile, you order your drinks and slowly sip.

Soya bean drinks
You can also order their other specialty, which is chicken feet. If you're squeamish over eating chicken feet then you're missing out!!! Haha!! The sauce is just so tasty.
So finally the claypot rice arrived. My dad had ordered two big pots, so the pots you see below is their big pot size. Steaming claypot chicken rice fresh from the stove:-

Their rice is really good. Not only in taste but texture. :)

Green vegetables

Thank you Papa and Mummy for spoiling me with good food when I am back in Ipoh.
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ohmywtf said...

i love chicken feet!! :-P

JoYce said...

yay!!another person who knows how to appreciate food. xD

Adrian JY Chow said...

ahhhh.. dai shu giok.. i love it i love it =]

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