Sunday, 16 May 2010

KTM, you WASTED my TIME!!!!

I rely on KTM Intercity to travel back to my hometown, Ipoh and vice versa because I don't like taking buses and KL Central is more accessible and safe than Puduraya and other bus stations. My train ride from Ipoh to KL and the opposite takes 3 hours. Well, I was scheduled for the 11 a.m. Express Rakyat train from Ipoh to KL Central on Sunday, and I thought to go there nice and early because; up till then, KTM has always been quite on time.

I ended up waiting for an extra hour plus because the train was delayed!!!
The worst part was not the train delay; but the fact that NOBODY gave us an explanation!! Even the delay announcement was not announced immediately! Yoong and I had to sit there panicking for about 20 minutes because we were not sure whether that was our train or we'd miss the train or something. And BETTER still, there were no Station Masters around for us to voice our inquiries. The ones at the counter totally ignored us even though we tried to get their attention.

In the end I spotted a Station Master coming out of the washroom area and quickly asked him to clarify the situation. He told me there was 'maintenance problem' and the delay length was unknown. Sigh-ness. So we sat there and waited and grumbled.. :(

See what time the trained finally appeared :-

More than an HOUR late!!

And the cherry on the cake, it was my WORST intercity train ride ever!!!I don't know if it is something to do with the train; because I normally take economy class in the express shuttle ,this was my first time in Express Rakyat (I was sitting in second class, and it was WORST than economy class in the other train!) The air-conditioning was not working almost the whole journey and the television played annoying ads for HALF the journey before suddenly showing a movie towards the end. What's the point???

I was so glad to reach KL Central...until I had to fight my way into the KTM coach to get back to Subang Jaya and spent the whole ride back, packed like a sardine in an overcrowded coach ,swaying dangerously without a safety strap to hold and worrying if I would get pick-pocketed. I felt like some third world citizen where cattle and humans all ride in the same vehicle and we just SQUEEZE in whatever tiny space we can find, no worries about safety or comfort as long as we get to the destination. Just another day in paradise huh...


Urgh..I'd meant to spend the time typing a nice food post but ended up ranting about KTM. Well, just to console myself. My parents brought me out to breakfast before sending me off. Pictures for you:-

Ipoh White Coffee (hot)

Ipoh White Coffee (iced)

Yee Mee

Pan Mee (dry)

And I have some random pictures to share. I found these pictures of Louisa's cats and just had to post them up. Sorry if you don't like kitties but I absolutely adore these felines.

Meet Nox:-

And Buttons!!

Update done.
Now to bed.

13 squeaked:

woaini_87 said...

i want the yee mee....

kenwooi said...

typical example of public transportation in malaysia =)

JoYce said...

Hey woaini_87. It's time for foodtrip to ipoh!!!. :P

Yes're so correct. :(

jfook said...

I hate KTM. Slow and crowded.

Vin Tsen Gan said...

At least its not delayed when you are rushing to work/school! XD I always kena when I'm in a rush to college =(

SonnyKazu said...

Train transportation is for people who enjoys with his/her time. :P

JoYce said...

@jfook-lets start a club. :P

@Vin Tsen Gan-sighh...i never take ktm when i am rushing. i know SURE will be late. :S

@SonnyKazu-OMG..haha!!!i can't imagine myself enjoying ktm. :P

M-Knight said...

yeah hate it always late when rushing to meeting friend that why I some time have to take taxi go to the place

JoYce said...

Hi M-Knight. Yes..if i want to take ktm, I'd allocate like at least 2 hours. :S

S.Sammeh said...

Try and go back with bus next time perhaps? cuz temporarily buses stops at Bukit Jalil and it's a little bit better than Pudu in my opinion.

hazman aka species1980w said...

yeah....the problem that still waiting for the solution....

kisahsensasi said...

i always facing the problems also

JoYce said...

well,KL central is still the most convenient for me. I did consider but i guess i'm stuck with KTM. :(

i wish they'd buck up and solve it quick. so many ppl rely on ktm. They are being unfair to us, the people.

wonder when we won't have to anymore ya. :(

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