Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Nuffnang Screening : The Descent 2

Unrelated to title : I'd bought my tickets back to Ipoh just the other day and I was JUST informed that I have an extra class. Great. Now I have to go back to KTM and change my tickets. Random pictures of drinks from JoJo:-

Cincau and 3-Layer-Coffee


So yeah, I got tickets from Nuffnang to attend the Premiere Screening of The Descent 2. This movie is set to release in Malaysia on the 22nd of July 2010. Many thanks to Nuffnang for the tickets!! The screening was held in Cathay Cineplex in e@Curve. Ben was my movie partner so we had dinner together in IKEA before the movie.

My Swedish Herbs Chicken

His Meatballs

We went early to collect the tickets from the ticket booth and yet there was already a long queue ahead of us. I spent my time observing the crowd and recognised a few other bloggers. When it was finally my turn to collect tickets, I was pleased to see we got rather good seats.
Since there was still had time before the movie, we had a quick drink in Winter Warmers' :-

Lavender Iced Coffee

Finally it was time to enter the cinema...you may continue reading. No spoilers ahead.
The Descent 2 is the continuation of the 2005 first movie where a group of women went on a caving expedition in an ancient coal mine only to find bloodthirsty human-like creatures that kill and eat whatever crosses their path. In this movie, one of the original group of girls; Sarah, somehow manages to escape from the hell hole and was found by a rescue party. Sarah doesn't remember a thing from her time down in the mine but the rescue party members brought her with them hoping to trigger her memory and help them find the rest of her missing friends.

I personally have no stomach for horror movies or thrillers. This one had me shrinking and closing my eyes because of the gore scenes. Actually the camera work was not very impressive because you just KNOW from the music and focus scenes that SOMETHING gruesome is going to appear or happen; but I still jumped. My goodness. But to be fair, I think The Descent 2 will appeal to gore fans. Plenty of blood, ripping apart of body parts, violent butchering and heart-pounding run-for-your-life scenes and gross substances covering the characters.

However, the ending left me feeling that the whole movie was rather pointless. Ah well, I guess they have to leave an opening in case they need to make a Number 3 right?? Overall, the movie was okay for me (though Ben was not very convinced I was okay) but it won't be my first choice if I had a list of movies to choose from for my popcorn sessions.

4 squeaked:

jfook said...

Omg, the food is really awesome..Drooling.

JoYce said...

@jfook..it's time to head to IKEA then. xDD

Jimmy T said...

Wooo you was there too! =] The movie at start was unexpected in scary part but when it reach on the halfway through the movie not that scary anymore because i know when will the stupid disgusting killer monster will pop out!

Haha =]

JoYce said...

Jimmy T. Yea!!I also knew when the monsters were gonna pop out but i STILL jumped. I am total horror movie FAIL person. =/


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