Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Bubble Tea from CZC @ Mentari Court

Before I go to the topic relevant to my title, let me self-syok a little by showing some of my 'achievements' in Innit, Nuffnang. Three of my previous posts made it to the Innit Daily Top Ten in the last week. Was pleasing to see my posts up there in the lists; though my nangs were incomparable to the top posts. Print-screens for my readers :-

At one point, two of them were up there together in the Top 10.
To read them, click on the links below :-
2. Nuffnang Screening : The Descent 2
3. PJ Laugh Fest & Dinner @ Brussels, Jaya One

Thank you to my readers for your support and Nuffies, for your nangs!! ;)


Onward to relevant content, Kar Ning brought me out with her the other day to get BUBBLE TEA!!! Yay-ness!! FINALLY, we got our bubble teas after endless craving postings in Facebook and making each other drool. We went to CZC Bubble Tea in Mentari Court for our craving fulfillment. It's my first time time here after hearing so much about this place from my friends. After scrutinising their extensive list (actually, according to Kar Ning, "You just tell them what and however you want your drink, they'll throw it together in your cup!!") I ended up ordering their Special Chocolate Oreo with Caramel Pudding while Kar Ning had her usual Lemon Blend with no salt. One sad thing was they'd run out of bubble jellies so they offered us another type of jelly which was pretty nice :-
They actually burst in your mouth and has syrup in them!!!Nice!!

My Chocolate Oreo with Caramel Pudding

Kar Ning's Lemon Blend

Can you see my caramel pudding and her jellies
settling nicely at the bottoms of the cups??
The both of us were giggling like kids when we were walking to the car and holding our drinks. Even when Kar Ning took a wrong turn on the road, we didn't miss a beat and quickly changed dinner venue to IKEA instead of The Gardens as first planned. We were in totally good mood. Thanks to these two :-

Everyone should drink bubble tea. It will make the world a happier place. Hehe!!Image Hosted by

6 squeaked:

jfook said...

Yumm..I love bubble tea..My all time favourite. My best bubble tea was at Sabah. believe it or not? Haha

JoYce said...

haha!!!hi jfook. Everyone has their own favourites. believable. ;)

Tcr Ain said...

saliva dripping lorr

JoYce said...

hi Tcr!!! xD

Adrian JY Chow said...

joyce i wan bubble tea

JoYce said...

come!!!when I come back we go get together!!!! xDDD

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