Friday, 14 May 2010

My Dim Sum Morning @ Foh San, Ipoh.

I finally got to eat Ipoh dim sum today!!! FINALLY!! Thanks to my cousin Yoong who came on a visit from Klang and I get to be her food tour guide. It's hard to find breakfast kaki-s nowadays because everyone wants to sleep in. =/

So I woke up at 7 a..m. and drove to Foh San. This is my first time entering their new premises in Jalan Leong Sin Nam. Yes, that's how long I did not visit Foh San. As a rule, I ALWAYS go to Ming Court (which is located just opposite them) because Ming Court dim sum suits my taste better than Foh San. But I thought to give Foh San a try since Yoong was here and I wanted to check out their new premises :-
The bottom floor was packed so we went to the upper floor and we seated ourselves near the balcony. The morning sun was shining and illuminated us :-Yoong and I originally did not want any drinks but since the waitress said,"It's our policy. Once you set foot in here must take tea. Count per head!!", we settled for Chrysanthemum Tea which was a pretty good choice actually. Very fragrant tea.
We were swarmed by the waitresses pushing their carts of dim sum offerings. Choice overload. Anyway, we ordered the must-haves first:-

Har Gao

Fresh, big prawns..

Siew Mai

Yu Watt
The waitresses whom we refused the dim sum which they shoved at us seriously looked ready to murder us.Image Hosted by I didn't know I was supposed to simply take everything they put to me and end up wasting food because of over-ordering?? They were also reluctant to answer me when I asked for things which were not on their carts. In the end I had to summon a waitress who was not pushing a cart to put in my orders for things from the kitchen:-

Chee Cheong Fun (prawn)

Hmm...only 3 TINY prawns in the whole plate. Prawns shortage??

Lo Mai Gai

Tasted more like lap cheong fan.
Too much of the pork sausages in there.

We had to wait the longest for this one and it came fresh from the fryer:-

Har Yun
At this point we were both starting to feel rather full but still not very satisfied (I'm being very frank here, all stuff above was alright but not fantastic.) We sat and sipped our tea a little and observed the passing carts. There were a few things that looked interesting but we did not order :-
Spent some time chatting and taking pictures of each other. Cousin bonding time.Image Hosted by

Yoong in photographer mode

And me.

And THEN we saw something that caught our eye enough to order as our last plate!! :-

Gai Wor Pau
(correction from Ben. Thanks!!)

The filling was really yummy!!
That pau above was Foh San's saving grace in our eyes. I remember Foh San from it's earlier days (in case you're wondering, I grew up in Ipoh) and Foh San today is not what it used to be. I guess it's because they had to keep up with the growing fame and overwhelming customers, everything has been commercialised?? I kind of miss the old shop where they originally operated. Good memories with family there...

So after finishing our food, we lingered a little while and took some pictures:-

Tea helps when you're bloated!!

My cute coussie!!
We wanted to stay longer but the table next to us began smoking and the smoke from four chimneys blew towards us (one of the girls looked underage!!) so we quickly got up and went to settle the bill:-

The cashier that is built like an abascus (Chinese calculator)


Our bill came up to a total of RM41.15. Ka-ching!! The both of us were super full and had to watch our step while descending the steps. Haha!!! Ah well, a picture for remembrance.
-The End-

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kenwooi said...

foh san.. i go there quite rarely.. haha.. yeah, lazy to wake up =P

JoYce said...

So do i kenwooi. I'm always the one tarik-ing my friends out for breakfast when I'm back in Ipoh.Haha!!!

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