Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ironman 2 and Kitchen Creatures

Yup, I watched Ironman 2. About a week ago. (I knowww...better late than never right this update??) It was pretty good and I quite enjoyed it. Was not as action-packed as I had expected but there were some moments in that show that got me chuckling away.After the movie, we, consisting of Adrian, Kok Wai, Yi Wen, Zheng Si, David, Hui Xiang, Ben and I, went to Kitchen Creatures in Centrepoint for lunch. Strange Funny name but served the purpose of attracting our interest though :-

The Menu
It was a pretty menu with nice pictures and writings all over it.

The ceiling was filled with lamps.
Made quite a pretty pattern on the table.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

After scanning the menu offerings, which was not very impressive to me honestly..I looked around and saw a blackboard hung up near the kitchen saying the Chef's Special for the day was 'Lamb Stew with Baked Mash Potato' for RM8.90. So I together with a few others ordered that. And no drinks for me since I thought the prices they charge for drinks does not QUITE fit their 'no frills' motto.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us So my lamb stew came:-
(looked like something floating in a pool of something)
The stew tasted like ox-tail soup, rather watery and I couldn't even taste lamb. But the baked mash was good. I won't have minded JUST the mash. Haha.

Ben's Spaghetti with Bacon Carbonara
Was not very impressive, frankly.

And the Ginger Root Beer which a few of the others ordered:-Yours truly does not like ginger in any form. You can see the ginger slices floating in the Root Beer. However the ones who ordered said it was quite a nice, refreshing drink.

Adrian's Shiitake Mushroom Chicken
This was actually quite alright. The sauce for the chicken was quite tasty..only thing was, the sauce didn't taste as good with the mushrooms. We all took a slice of mushroom to try at Adrian's prompting and were pulling faces in turn after popping it into our mouths. I scrunched my face too...and I'm a major mushroom lover. Oops.

Hmm..my overall feel of Kitchen Creatures?? I don't know. It gives me the feeling I get when I look at somebody who's wearing a killer dress and then finishes it off with the totally wrong shoes. But I guess I can give them credit for nice decor??Image  Hosted by ImageShack.us


OMG-ness. I think I just gave a bad report card to Kitchen Creatures. Well, that's me being honest. Okay..to end this post on a sweet note; random picture of Creme Brulee from Zen by Secret Recipe which Louisa bought me the other day :-
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

2 squeaked:

kenwooi said...

iron man 2 was awesome! =D

JoYce said...

LOL!!!it was good but I think I enjoyed The Losers more. :)

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