Sunday, 9 May 2010

More Ipoh food

I am supposed to be back in my hometown to STUDY. So my days consist of me spending quality time with my books and notes, eating, sleeping, house chores and the cycle starts over. After a quick keep my blog yawn-free, I will blog about books and notes, eating, sleeping, house chores. Right...I am sure you will support my decision.

Once again, Mother's Day is here. This is for MY Mommy and all the other mothers out there. You are all amazing women!!!♥ ♥ !!

Well, dinner was my choice that day so I chose to go to Lou Wong in Old Town since the last time I was back they were sold out (it was after Labour's Day and they were closing shop at 9:30 p.m...the horror!!!). Fortunately, they were in booming business mode when we walked up :-

Full as always


I'd never really appreciated Ipoh's beansprouts until I went to other states and found that the beansprouts served are more fibrous and dry. I'd missed the crunchy, fresh beansprouts of Ipoh.


Smooth hor fun in fragant chicken soup

Satisfaction. I felt so contented after that meal.Image Hosted by


Another thing I realise I haven't had in a long time was the mini murtabak that is sold opposite the Ipoh Garden Maybank. I discovered it when a friend bought one of their chicken murtabak for me and at one point, I used to buy their murtabak whenever I happen to be hungry and need a quick, hot snack.

I suddenly thought about them and decided to check if they were still there. And yes, they were still operating there. Only difference was they had upped their murtabak from RM0.70 to RM0.80. Hmm..not bad since the rate of 'inflation' in some other stalls are more outrageous. They actually sell pretty good pisang goreng too but it was all sold out and only murtabak-s left. =/

Well, at least I still got to buy these:-

Personally, I find the chicken and the sardine ones good. The beef ones tend to vary according to their beef supplier I suppose since it's sometimes nice and sometimes just funny tasting.

Alright...another food post up.
Keep an eye out for the next ones.
It's gonna get SPICY.


8 squeaked:

nebular said...

Tauge, chicken n kuaytiau, looks fine to me....simple but suit my appetite too. Cheers n HAPPY MOTHERS DAY, StayTune.......

JoYce said...

cheers nebular!! :)

kenwooi said...

haha.. taugeh ayam.. im bored of it edy..

but the murtabak seems interesting! =D

JoYce said...

lol!!!i still like it because I don't get to eat it anymore since I left Ipoh. :P

jfook said...

Omg, I love Ipoh food! Esp the Lo lo at tong sui street.

JoYce said...

hi jfook!!
then its time to pay a visit to Ipoh!! :D

ohmywtf said...

lol..every thing from ipoh is nice...the girls too :-P

JoYce said...

LOL..that's what everyone seems to say..

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