Sunday, 23 May 2010

Lots of work, lots of people and lots of FOOD.

I know I sound like I've been having a lot of fun in my previous posts; which I did, but revision courses in Sunway are no joke. Imagine sitting in a classroom the whole day from 8 a.m. to about 6p.m. doing case studies after case studies. Nice to hang out with my VIPs after classes to relax.

Anyway, Sunway University College was honoured by the visit of Deloitte's Country Managing Partner, Mr Tan Theng Hooi the previous Thursday. We ACCA students got to meet a Big Four Partner. My first time meeting an actual partner, and not just any partner; a partner of one of the four biggest international accounting and consulting firm. We were given valuable insight on how Deloitte works as a corporation, the different areas of service the employees specialise in, their after-work activities, events and so forth; presented in the form of their corporate videos and a slideshow. I found everything very interesting. There was a Q&A session with Mr Tan Theng Hooi and one of his delegates, En, Nazir Najib:

Mr Tan Theng Hooi

En. Nazir Najib
(current PM's son and former student in SUC)

Insightful. And I actually exited the hall NOT feeling like my future is doomed and confined to an office compartment where I'll be overwhelmed with a pile of work and being depressed over OT. Accountants do have fun after all. :)

Speaking about fun, I've a load of random pictures of various people (and food) who have helped me de-stress over the course of the week :-

Us at Shrek 3D(sorry I messed up the tickets!!)

I tried the McDonald's Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe. Super super HUGE. My goodness. I couldn't eat my fries after it.

Had dinner in one of the rows of cafes lining the roads SS15, The Pl@ce Cafe. The price there was quite alright (ranges from RM6 onwards) so we gave it a try:

My Japanese Curry Rice

Iced Coffee

Ben's Japanese Miso Rice

and Butter Kaya Toast

Abel and I missed W31 Sports outing (sorry guys...we were genuinely exhausted after long class hours) but fortunately made it for dinner with them, which was a joint CG dinner (W51 was also there!!) and Angelica plus Samuel's birthday celebration. It was in The Street Cafe in SS15. Random picture of my Hazelnut Coffee (I gotta watch the caffeine intake) :-
you pour it from the top and let it drip drip drip...

Group picture!!!

And my parents came down for the weekend to visit my relatives in Klang. They came and took me out to dinner the other day and my Mummy spoiled her only daughter at the Body Shop sale in Sunway Pyramid. There was this HUGE HUGE sale going on and there were people filling baskets full of stuff like they were free. One girl actually bought 15 bottles of the same lotion. WTH?? (plus the lotion she chose was smelly justmypersonalopinionahem) OOii...!!! That girl wasn't me okay. My mum got me body lotion and perfume besides other stuff for herself.

I am so loving this!!!!
Thank you Mummy!!!!!
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kenwooi said...

looks like good day.. haha..
butter kaya toast ftw! =D

JoYce said...

haha..hey kenwooi. actually the butter and kaya toast wasn't very nice. :S

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