Thursday, 20 May 2010

PJ Laugh Fest & Dinner @ Brussels, Jaya One

My second Nuffnang invite in a week. This time to the PJ Laugh Fest in Jaya One.Thank you Nuffnang for being generous to me!!!
Since Ben and I both managed to get tickets, I invited Louisa and Afnan as our guests. Both Ben and I had classes on that day; and we kind of rushed to Jaya One because the ticket booth opened at 7:30p.m. Thanks Ben, for picking us up, fighting through the evening traffic and going back on the correct path after Afnan mistakenly directed you to Jaya 33. Haha!!!

It was my second time at Jaya One; my first one was very short so I didn't recognise the place at first. I must say that there seem to be many interesting places for food and drinks. Quite a few nice looking bars too where there were people sitting around and looking like they were enjoying the food and company very much. After walking around, Louisa (we gave her the task of choosing the venue) decided on Brussel's Beer Cafe for our dinner.It was a good choice!! We ordered food and drinks to share; and by drinks I mean alcoholic beverages. Louisa insisted that my drink was on her (again, thank you Louisa!!There will come a day the drinks will be on me!!). I really enjoyed the food in Brussels. Would recommend it to people who love good food; but unfortunately, I cannot afford to visit there often since yours truly is on a student's allowance. Anyway, pictures of food :-

My Brussel's Foot Long Sausage
Was very tasty and the fries were good!!

Afnan's Pork Ribs
Very nice flavour and the portion was generous

Ben and Louisa's Brussel's Pork and Bacon Burgers
The patties were so meaty and juicy. Oohh..I wished I had ordered that.

Ben and I went to collect the tickets before our food came. At first we thought we'd get better tickets if we went to collect early; but when I was snapping a picture of the tickets, Ben pointed out they were FREE SEATING. Haha!!!
Anyway, for most of the dinner, my camera was with Louisa. She was pretty high on the drinks (she started getting high when we ORDERED the drinks, not when we were drinking. Haha!!) and snapped snapped snapped. So I took Ben's cam and did that too:-

My view from across the table:

Afnan and Ben's pint of beer

My Tequila Sunrise

Louisa's Long Island Tea
It was pretty fun to linger over drinks and talk and laugh. So now I kind of appreciate bars. They're more conducive place for conversation; I'd never figured out how to socialise in a dark room with pounding music. Guess a contributing factor is I am no dancer?? Haha!! Oops. Well, let me put up some of Louisa's shots with my cam:-

My expression after one sip of beer:
It's really NOT my drink!

When it was finally 8:30 p.m. we went up to the theater and waited to be let in. Our tickets was for the 'Caught in the Middle Part 4' by PJ Live Arts slot. It's rated 18PL and I was wondering what sort of jokes were going to be cracked. =P

The theater
(I expected it to be bigger)

It was really enjoyable for me. The cast did a good job as a whole. I was really really amused with Mano Maniam and Zaibo's antics and laughed really hard at their jokes about Malaysian issues. Sandra Sodhy was very funny as the bossy wife who keeps a strict eye on the husband's diet. There was one part where I was really lost though..the whole time 'King of Lea' was going on, I was trying my best to understand something but couldn't. Fortunately it was not too long and I didn't get too restless. But when the part about 'Arse-holes' came on, I was back to chuckling mode. Hats off to Mano Maniam for delivering it with a straight face!!! Nicole Thomas was priceless as an old granny 'kayak-ing' in a wheelchair.Image Hosted by There was another girl on stage whom I was really impressed with (can't find out her name), she played the role of a sexy nurse and hostess of 'Who Wants to Be a Politician'. I laughed so hard when she sprayed the audience with a water gun!! Anyone can tell me her name??-edit-[ I found out that her name is Nell Ng. Thanks Blabberina for the info!!]

Phew..just typing this post makes me want to laugh when I recall it. I'm glad I got to watch it. And I feel very proud that Malaysia has such talented comedians. If you're in need of a good laugh, do go and get tickets for the act. You'll definitely laugh at the way they poke fun at and put a funny light on some of Malaysia's frustrating issues like public transport and landslides. I know I did!!Image Hosted by

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ohmywtf said...

wow..tats a HUGE

kenwooi said...

didnt recognize you at the time.. oh well.. =P

JoYce said...

yes ohmywtf. it was BIG. haha!!!

hey kenwooi. you saw me?? Well, I didn't really mix around anyway cuz I went in right when it started. :) maybe at another nuffnang event. xD

kumfye said...

beer...i want beer from your you enjoy your day?

JoYce said...

LOL. kumfye. I didn't like the beer. It's really not my type of drink. Yea...i did enjoy myself that day. :)

jfook said...

I wan tthe sausage!

JoYce said...

its time to look for food in Jaya One then jfook. :D

~Blabberina~ said...

i was there too:

~Blabberina~ said...

the sexy nurse was familiar-n now i finally got her name. her name is Nell Ng. I thought Jo Kukathas was the granny, didnt know who Nicole is.

yeah,i also blur during the King Lear part.

JoYce said...

hi blabberina. Ohh...I read another review that said the granny in the wheelchair is nicole thomas.

Nell Ng. Thanks for the info!! xD

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