Monday, 3 May 2010

Of cake, eggs and beefballs

Blahh...I have posts pending in my drafts folder (I know...guilty guilty...*lifts hands up in surrender*) and I really should make some effort to NOT procrastinate. By the way my lovely readers, I am currently back in IPOH. There, location disclosed. Nobody panic...I have not disappeared.

I have to put up this random update to save myself...random random random.

Random #1 : Combined Cell Group / Stanley's 21st Birthday!!
Stanley's birthday falls on the 30th of April but since we had CG on Thursday we had a cake for him and candles for him to share (it was a joint celeb).

♪♫Happy Birthday to yoooooou♪♫♪

Make a wish and BLOW!!!

Errr...somehow Stanley's head ended up smoking??Haha!!

We were told to hug the birthday boy. Awww...
It was a pretty fun CG since it was a combined CG consisting of W31 and W51. I'm glad I rushed back from the Nine West launch to join them because I've missed some CG outings (unintentionally) plus since I will be in Ipoh, equals to I won't be see-ing my awesome cell members for quite some time. After the candle blowing we invaded Pelita's second floor (we always do that, because they never have enough space for 20 over people on the bottom floor).

My Maggi Goreng and Fried Chicken
And this is what happens when too many people say "...tambah telur mata kerbau!!" into their orders:-
And this is what happens when you eat too many eggs:-Okay be fair..I don't know what they eat and still stay so gorgeous. ==

Random #2 : Sakae Sushi
This is like the first time this year I set foot into a Sakae Sushi. I tried it ONCE last year with Philemon and I never went back at all the rest of the year (I decided not to waste my time and am better of with Zanmai) but since several people have been convincing me that it has changed for the better, I went again to judge for myself.

I guess the only thing I like about them is their cheap sashimi

The other Nigiri sushi Pui San and I ordered:-

This one was quite good since the toasted sesame seeds were fresh
It OKAY-lah...still won't be my first choice when I have sushi cravings. I still don't get why their green tea has a funny burnt taste and WHY the staff there seem to be so stingy in refilling the tea. Is there some shortage in tea-leaves that I didn't know about???

Random #3 : William's
Louisa got her pay-cheque and insisted that she wanted to treat me at William's. (Thank you Louisa!!I promise I'll treat you too when I get my pay-cheques!!). Anyway, Tristan drove the four of us; Louisa, Afnan, Vaitee and I, to William's, which is located near the old Lim Kok Wing building and after some questioning and recommendations from the owner, we put in our orders and waited to see what would come. Pictures for you.

(Quality compromised since we sat outside and I had to use flash in the dark surroundings)

Afnan and Vaitea with the Ribena and Lychee drinks we had:-

My Beef, Salami, Black pepper Bacon and Cream Sauce pasta

Tristan's Beef Arabatia
(It was a monstrousity!!!!)

Vaitea's Chicken Premium

Louisa's Spaghetti Carbonara and Meatballs
(the meatballs were FILLED with CHEESE!!!)

Afnan's Cheese-baked Pasta with Spinach Balls

Okay...I couldn't finish my food. Next time I go there...I am definitely sharing my food. One thing though, I won't be going back there in a hurry since the hygiene level of the surroundings are pretty appalling (think road side, dark road side) and the prices are a little shocking (the total bill came up to about RM120, the Beef Arabatia was RM45 and I can't really put a price tag individually..but there you go). I think dining at William's is more of an experience than fantastic food (though the food IS good).

Well..that's all my random randomness for now. draft down and err...few more to go.
Stay with me!!!

7 squeaked:

milla said...

The maggi goreng & fried chicken looks reall yummy ! Great photos on sushi!

JoYce said...

thanks milla.glad u like them. :)

Vin Tsen Gan said...

Wow, looks sumptuous! I so miss mamak =( LOL But the pastas were even attractive =)

SonnyKazu said...

I'm started to get hungry after looking at these nice food pics... O.O

JoYce said...

@Vin Tsen Gan
Hello!!Yup..the pastas were good!!!

Mission accomplished. :)

ohmywtf said...

ok...the foods look really delish! But dont tell me u ate all of them on same day! :-P

JoYce said...

LOL!!!ohmywtf...nope. Sorry to disappoint but most of it are my friends' orders which I snapped pictures. xD

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