Saturday, 8 May 2010

Updates from Ipoh

Tra la la la...It's the time of the year again, where Joyce has claimed the study room at home as her territory. My books and papers cover the table, the sofa with pillows is MINE and I fuel myself with coffee (up to this point it's Nescafe, I will bring out the Red Bulls in another 2 weeks or so). So I have managed to tidy up my drafts folder in Blogger a little. *Pats self on the back*

Anyway, I have meant to share something informative to my brothers and sisters in ACCA (if you don't do ACCA you're still welcome to read on). For those who have completed the Fundamental Levels a.k.a Part 2 and are planning to do the OBU Degree, I found out the determination of the class of degree from the ACCAGlobal website. So here you go; it's advisable to check which class you are eligible for before paying the money to do it.

Source :

I know you're reading this hoping you'll see some Ipoh food. Wait-lah. I'm coming to that part. I haven't really gone out to eat yet; seeing I have been staying at home all week. Planning to cari my Ipoh gang to MAKAN next week, so look out for more interesting photos next week. For now, make do with some random ones alright.

At Anika Selera (better known as 'next to Wolley Food Court or Dung Gu Ting)

Noodles with Yong Tau Fu

(they're improving and I love their popiah skin!!)

In Bercham,straight down the road after Tesco Extra, one of the row of shops (forgot the name..sorry!!) my parents discovered they have totally nice fish noodles. So they brought me there to try:-

White Coffee

Fish noodles

with very fresh fish slices, not fried; just as I like it.

Another thing I'd like to point out is, the hor fun you get in Ipoh stalls are totally different from the hor fun you get in other states. I'm serious!! I'm not talking only about the hor fun in the famous Lou Wong ngar choy kai (beansprouts and chicken) but like anywhere you order hor fun in Ipoh!! The hor fun in Ipoh is thinner, finer and smooother. See:-

So that's all for now about Ipoh food. I have to end this here and go back to my books. Oh joy. Fortunately I have a lot of 'companions' since my parents bought me some 'energy boosters' to chew on while I face my notes. Got these in Tesco earlier :-

Nah, just kidding.
Wonder how long that would last me???

4 squeaked:

kenwooi said...

ipoh food! woohoo! =D

JoYce said...

high 5 kenwooi!! xD

Doris Lai said...

Dung Gu Ting, I went there too ... but there quite a lot of variety of foods and i'm not sure which was nice.. Maybe next time should get your opinion first before photo shooting. :)

JoYce said...

Hi Doris. go there again to try!!especially the claypot chicken rice and the nasi pandan. its the best!! xD

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