Thursday, 13 May 2010

Royal dining

Three things made me very happy today.Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by

1. Yoong, my cousin, arrived today from Klang for her visit to Ipoh. This means I get to bring her on a FOOD EXPEDITION. Hohohohohoho!!!!

2. I got invites to two Nuffnang events in a row. Confirmed my attendance to both yesterday. Weeee!!!! THANK YOU NUFFNANG!!!

3. I got this in the mail this morning :

Big cardboard envelope from ACCA

and inside was my certificate for completing my Fundamentals!!
It's equivalent to a Bachelor Degree.
Fingers crossed..hope I get to wear my graduation robe after December 2010!!!

Image Hosted by

Anyway, related to my title. I had dinner in the Royal Perak Golf Club with my parents and their cell members the other day. My dad has membership there so he gets a special discount as one of the members' privilege whenever he dines in the restaurants in there. Guests are allowed there too, and I do think this place is worth giving a try because their portions are generous.
The menu

Some foodie pictures for you all:

My New Zealand Steak (RM17.00)

I like their baked jacket potato.

Steak (a little too well done; I prefer medium rare)

Aunty Lisa's Mixed Fruit Blend
(I think it was RM5.90)

My mum's Sizzling Lamb Chop (RM16.90)

There's like altogether 4 pieces of lamb there. Huge portion.

Was super stuffed after finishing. I sat down sipping water and listening to the 'adults' talking. Guess what one of the topics were?? FACEBOOK. Haha!! It quite amused me to see them discussing their activities and pictures on Facebook. It's a useful tool for them to get back in touch with long 'lost' friends and to know more about their children's lives. Pretty cool.

FYI, my parents have Facebook and they play FB games (Cafe World and Pool Master etc) and they don't stalk me or stuff. So I don't get why some people post status like : "OMG my Mum got FB!!" or "WTF my dad just added me on FB!!" or "I just got friend requests from parents, FML." Which is pretty mean. If they don't want to accept, just don't. No need to post statuses like that. But I guess posts like that gives you clearer insight into character huh??

Muse session finished.
Stay with me k. :)

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Jonshea said...

Wow, gratz on all that 3 things. :D

JoYce said...

thanks Jonshea. :D

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