Monday, 24 May 2010

Coussie Catch-Up Time

Yoong and I had time the other day so we met up for lunch/quality coussie time. I figured its best I meet up with her before going back to Ipoh for exams because I'd be away for over a month. At first she'd suggested to go to BBQ Plaza but I was not in a mood to cook my own food so I suggested Sushi Zanmai since it would be around the same price plus with a nicer ambiance anyway. I love going to Zanmai during weekdays and non-peak hours. It was really peaceful and relaxing and the both of us sat there long after we finished our food; talking and drinking ocha until we felt sloshy. Haha!! Pictures of the afternoon:-

Yoong with her 'photographer face' on

I love taking pictures of sushi as much as I love eating them.
It's somehow just so satisfying. Image Hosted by

We also had ice-cream in McD. I had a hot temper moment with the guy at the ice-cream booth because when we went up to the counter, he turned his back to us and went, "Tutuplah..pergi situ." and pointed at the main counter. But when we walked to the main counter and looked back like 5 seconds later, he was serving ice-cream to another customer. WHAT THE HELL??Image Hosted by He was totally lucky a new counter opened at the moment we went there and I didn't have to wait in line, else I would have gone up to him and ask him what is his problem. Another thing that cooled me was that the girl who made my sundae gave me a LOT of chocolate sauce with my sundae. See:-

Chocolate Sundae
with a LOT of chocolate sauce..
I didn't pay an extra RM1 for the sauce. Seriously.

It was really good cousin bonding time with Yoong.Image Hosted by I also had dinner with PuiSan in Gasoline Cafe. My first time there (yes, I've never been there before) and it was interesting. Nice decor concept but I got rather sleepy because the lighting was so dim.

But the food was pretty terrible. I ordered the black pepper butter chicken rice :-
The rice was too hard (not enough water when boiling rice : FAIL) and I don't know what to make of the chicken. I think I'll stick the Medan(The Rock Cafe)'s Butter Chicken. Same price and waaayyyy nicer. Pui San's fried rice with wrapped something something was even worst :
You see those round fried stuff in the picture?? We almost broke our teeth biting into them. We tried to cut it into half to see what was inside and we had to spear it with a fork, WEDGE the spoon into it and POUND POUND POUND it on the plate until it finally broke apart and we saw something red. Pui San threw the rest away.

When I complaint about it to others, I got feedbacks that the DRINKS in Gasoline Cafe were good but not the food. Alright. Fine. To be fair, I'll go back there another time to DRINK before I put this place into my "No-no" list. What do you think??

4 squeaked:

jfook said...

I love Sushi Zanmai but I hate Gasoline.

JoYce said...

LOL jfook. I love Sushi Zanmai too but like I said...still giving Gasoline one last chance. :P

ohmywtf said...

aiyo..i love the sushi of 2nd tat a tuna sushi?

JoYce said...

yes ohmywtf. It's tuna. Was yummy. ;D

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