Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Asha's 21 & Grown Up(s)

It was Asha's 21st birthday (and incidentally, my ACCA results day. Don'taskemeaboutitbecauseit'sjustsobadIdon'twannathinkaboutitbutonlyfocusonthecomingexam) and Louisa had planned a birthday dinner for her. At first I thought I couldn't make it because I had accepted Time Out KL's Grown Ups movie premier tickets, but turns out the screening was in Sunway Pyramid so Ben and I decided to drop by and spend some time with the birthday girl before our movie. It was at Fullhouse and thankfully there was space for us despite the fasting month dinner crowd. Since Ben and I were the earliest, we 'booked' space.

Louisa arrived after us, followed by Asha, Aunty Melanie and Afnan. We ordered drinks and had some appetisers while waiting for the rest to arrive (Jon, Tristan, Yassir and Joanna came later on). The food in Fullhouse, as up to expectations; was excellent. We were chattering away and I was enjoying the company as much as I did the food.

Soft Shelled Crab with Wasabi Dip
The vegetables were so fresh and crisp!!I couldn't stop munching on them.
Fortunately, there weren't many veggie lovers there to fight with me for them. Hehe!!

Chilli Chicken Wings

Ben missed the appetisers because he had to go collect our Grown Ups tickets from the Time Out booth. I got teased mercilessly about it. =.=
Our tickets courtesy of Time Out KL

Just then, the rest arrived one by one and we ordered our main courses. Louisa ordered this funny drink for Afnan that looked like swamp water with swamp dregs. See:-
But amazingly, it tasted really good!!!

I love the drink stirrers in Fullhouse. They're so cute!!!

The food arrived and I had to speed snap them before the owners speared their forks into them. Haha!! I amuse them with my food snapping.

Afnan's Grilled Chicken

Louisa's Lamb Chops

Ben and I shared this since we weren't very hungry

(no human pictures because I don't think the people in them will appreciate me posting them up here. Haha!!)
We had to leave early because our movie was about to start. So we said our goodbyes and wished the birthday girl before we went away. I missed the later part of Asha's celeb which I was told was a nice surprise for her and made her all teary. Sorry I couldn't be there Asha, but I'm glad you enjoyed your 21st and I hope you'll have more happy days like that. :)

We entered the cinema just before our movie started.

I've always like Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider comedy movies (my all time favourite being 50 First Dates, which I watched over and over) and Grown Ups was pretty hilarious. Although it wasn't laugh-till-your-sides-hurt funny, it had some very funny scenes with the main characters showing priceless expressions in them. I enjoyed Grown Ups and would recommend it if you're looking for a summer comedy.

Supplied me with some laughter to soothe me a bit from my horrendous results. I've had my fun. So now I gotta throw in some pretty hard work into the mix. Wish me luck people!!!

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