Saturday, 28 August 2010

Digi 360

A quick update on one of the events I attended recently. I have drafts to clear as usual since I have been updating oh-so-consistently (not).Image Hosted by
Anyway, I randomly ended up in the Digi 360 party the other week. It was actually an invite only for 50 Digi users and guests. I spotted the tweet about the event on Twitter while casually scrolling and just decided to e-mail them just for fun; without even looking at when and what time the party was. The next evening, I saw the e-mail from Digi saying I am on the guest list and the party was THAT NIGHT. Wow. Ben and I had a quick discussion (he also got the invite because I sent his details too) and then decided to rush to get ready and go. We also dragged along Vemal too.

We got to SoHo with some minor detours (even using GPS, we ended up going through a mountain and back) and had some trouble locating the exact place. In the end, a helpful guard gave us correct directions and we finally arrived at the Canon Celebrities Hall of Music entrance. We were given our invites, goodie bags and a box of popcorn upon entry.

Our invites which also doubled as lucky draw tickets

At first we got ourselves nice seats, but ended up being shoo-ed to a not-as-nice booth because apparently it was 'reserved for VIP' (I thought WE were the VIPs). We just amicably moved and took in the surroundings.
Vemal and Ben

The bar area

The stage

The games area

The games area was quite fun. There were lots of prizes up for grabs. We could also play the Tic-Tac-Toe as many times as we want. I quite liked them using the stage as a huge game board.

Ben and I waiting our turn and the Wheel

After participating in the games, we ended up with quite a bunch of freebies consisting of 3 water bottles, 2 lanyards, 3 umbrellas, and 2 RM50 vouchers. Pictures of some of our prizes:-

This is our host for the night; Sugar

We also celebrated the birthdays of the guests who were born in August and were given some cake. Also, one of the Regional Managers gave a welcome speech before the stage band performances started. The lucky draws were held in intervals between the performances but unfortunately, I didn't walk away with any cool prizes.

Birthday Cake

Mr Patrick, Digi Regional Manager

The highlight performance for the night was a band called The Union who played the great hits from the 1980's. I really enjoyed the music which they played that night. I love listening to 'oldies' because they are so much nicer on the ears than today's weird tracks they label as music. I think my parents would have loved to listen to them too. The atmosphere was really great with the music they made. And I really admire the fact that ALL the band members can sing!! Yes, even the musicians.
The Union

Vemal's beer

We left after they announced the end of the event and headed to Nirvana for our 'dinner' since we were so hungry. I had banana leaf and it tasted so good.

Chicken Curry

Banana Leaf

We made it back in time for curfew and I saw the unusually bright full moon that night.
Great night out; even though it was so last minute and unplanned.
I love you guys. Image Hosted by

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