Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Why Vampires Suck??

HOORAY!!! FINALLY there will be a spoof movie of Twilight!! SUCH a celebration for people like me who are SICK to death of and can't get what's so great about Twilight. Bless you, Twentieth Century Fox!!

AND EVEN BETTER, Nuffnang will be giving away 80 pairs of invites to catch Vampires Suck a day before it will be released in Malaysia cinemas!!! To be among the lucky 80 pairs of Nuffnangers and guests, you have to write a blog post telling 'why vampires suck' (why you dislike vampires in general). For details on the contest, click here.
Now let ME tell you why vampires SUCK.

1. Vampires suck because they have bad taste in food.
So many cuisines in this world to choose from, and they drink BLOOD?? What a boring life they must lead; permanently on a liquid diet, having the same thing each and every meal. Imagine a candlelight dinner with a vampire. You sit at one end of the table with your Caesar Salad while he tears into the throat of a victim on the other end?? How romantic. Probably will have to be praying he isn't that hungry and have you for dessert after his main course.

2. Vampires suck because they have zero personal hygiene.
Ever heard of a vampire brushing his fangs after sucking blood or taking a shower after being blood-sprayed from tearing apart his victim?? Nope. Imagine all the bacteria and diseases accumulated in the mouth alone. Who knows what he gets on his body after hunting down his victims in dark, lonely, abandoned places. Can't imagine hugging a vampire let alone kissing one on the mouth. *Shudders*

3. Vampires suck because they have no conscience.
If they have no qualms about sucking the living daylight out of their victims, what makes you think that they would bat eyelashes at lying, cheating and so on?? Anything is possible and it would be damn hard to have a vampire as any part of your life, even as a friend and not to mention a life partner??? I personally won't like having a person around who's not trustable.

Yup, so that's my opinion on why vampires SUCK. If you're of the same mind, and need a relief from lousy love triangle vampires movies; support Vampires Suck!! Here's the official trailer as a teaser. Enjoy!!

3 squeaked:

AdrianCJY said...

i dont like this show.. so humiliating.. ben showed me and i don't find it funny or what so ever but he was laughing ==

JoYce said...

Awww Adrian...Ben told me you're a Twilight fan. Well, you can always try watching it so that you can criticise it. =P Or maybe you'll even find it funny. Hehe!!

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