Monday, 23 August 2010

Buka Puasa at FRAMES Cafe

The fasting month is commencing and there are lots of 'Buka Puasa' promotions available in all the eateries. Pui San persuaded me to try the Buka Puasa dinner menu in FRAMES Cafe; and I agreed since I have been eye-ing FRAMES ever since it opened at the Sunway Pyramid Main Entrance (next to Starbucks Coffee and opposite Bubba Gump).

The ambiance there is really nice and relaxing. The place is furnished in deep and warm hues, with framed pictures covering the walls (hence the name FRAMES). The lighting there is just nicely dimmed, enhancing the decor, and the soothing music gives a very nice touch to the cosy feeling one gets when seated in the cafe. Very nice environment to enjoy your food. I guess with such a nice environment, everything tastes better. The food there is nice to begin with, so the food scored very well with us.

Our Appetisers:

Prawn Caesar Salad
The salad was so fresh and crunchy. I wished it was the main course!!

Spicy Seafood SoupThis one was a little too watery for my taste but otherwise tasted good.

Main Course:

Grilled Fish with Mash and Vegetables
This one was just passable.
I guess FRAMES specialises in Western food and not local recipes.


Blueberry Cheesecake

Raspberry Sorbet with Raspberry Syrup
The desserts are TO DIE FOR!!!!!
Pui San and I were practically swooning while savouring them!!

What a pleasurable experience. I felt as if all my senses were being pampered. The price was quite worth it too since the portions were generous. I am looking forward to when they reintroduce their set lunches after the fasting month. Till then, enjoy the dinner sets while they're still available!!

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Foon said...

YIHHH... I WAN!! Deserts and appetisers looks great!! YUMM!!! Tak Ajak!!! =(

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