Sunday, 22 August 2010

I'm White, He's Black

So I finally got my new phone. I took some time deciding on which model to get because the price factor and function factor was very important to me. After some research online and survey-ing around the IT center in Sunway Pyramid, I finally narrowed it down the the Sony Ericsson J105 Naite. Reason was because it was basically like my old SE W705; but without the WiFi, lower pixel camera and no Walkman function.

And guess what, Ben went ahead and got the same phone as mine. Basically, what happened was; his phone died about a few weeks before mine did and he was supposed to choose a new phone. But since mine also died, he conveniently sat back and let me do all the research; and just buy the phone I chose. Smart one. I should have charged consultancy fees.Image Hosted by Haha!!So here are our Yin-Yang SE J105-s:-

White mine, black his
Mine looks better riiiiiiiiiiight????

At first, there was no memory card included with the phones. Once I discovered that I had a mini freak out and went back to the Sony Ericsson shop to demand for our 2GB SD memory cards. We had a right to them because the website we checked said a 2GB memory card was included in the box. So now the memory cards are nicely slotted in our phones. No worries.

Uncle brought us all to dinner at this fun cafe called Pitstop where their unique factor is the availability of many board games which I have never come across before. I guess it kind of distracts you from how long you have to wait for your food (it was a full house when we arrived there) but nevertheless, it was very fun to play board games again. I don't remember the last time I had so much fun with board games!!Image Hosted by The food there was quite good too.

My dinner : Garlic Butter Fish

Image Hosted by

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Foon said...

squeek!! Yehh!!! Split de consultancy fees with me!! LOL!! Yin Yang.. =.=

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