Friday, 6 August 2010

Nuffnang Screening : Tekken

I've been sick. Coughing, nose-blocked and even fever. I guess I caught some bug which has been going around since the people around me have been complaining of being unwell too. *sigh* Despite it I've been pretty busy. As usual, drafts lined up. Hehe..

Anyway, Ben won preview tickets again, this time for Tekken. If you have noticed my previous blog posts, I have been inspired too to join Nuffnang's movie blog contests. =P

It was a busy day. First thing in the morning, we were in Menara Star waiting for collect the tickets for The Last Airbender 3D. Next, I spent most part of the day in Old Town, going through my P2 notes while Ben and his friends worked on their assignments. Was so sleepy towards the end but felt satisfied that I'd managed to tackle some revision. After packing up and saying goodbyes, I followed Ben back where we hung out a little while and he made me his yummy Oreo Milkshake again. MMmmm.. xD

The movie screening this time is in Tropicana City Mall. Ben and I were stuck in the evening mad jam on the way to Tropicana and we were worried that we were going to be late for the ticket collection; but when we arrived, the Nuffnang booth was no where in sight.After some mild panic moments where we questioned the GSC staff and I asked him whether we were in the correct place and so forth; we calmed down when we spied some familiar faces (bloggers which we recognise from previous screenings) and waited for the booth to spring up somewhere.


Went to Food & Tea Hong Kong (pstt!!My Ipoh friends, do you remember my feud with the waiters in the Ipoh branch??) for dinner. At first I ordered the Black Pepper Beef Spaghetti, but Ben made me switch my order with his since it was spicy and classified as forbidden food due to my cough. So this is what I ate instead:-
Chicken Chop with Cheese Baked Spaghetti

Black Pepper Beef Spaghetti
He allowed me one piece of beef. The beef was really good!!

After dinner, into the cinema for the movie. I like the seats in the Tropicana GSC. They're bigger and more comfortable. Haha!!!

Hmm..the movie was rather like watching a video game; only with real people fighting. The storyline was nothing much. I guess the whole point of it is just watching a video game come to life. And of course, ample eye candy for the male viewers. A picture to illustrate my point:-
Don't pretend, I know what you're looking at!!! And it's NOT their eyes.

Jin and Christie

Unfortunately, I still prefer the video game version of Jin
Nicer jaw definition, cooler hair and more bergaya.

Overall, I didn't find the movie very interesting. It would have more appeal to avid video gamers but for a casual viewer like me, it will be just another movie adapted from a video game. Nothing to rave about.

I was pretty sick at the end of the movie. Sick because I really felt unwell from the beginning, the movie isn't that bad. =P Ben even said I was having fever and rushed me back to the hostel. Oops. I spoilt the ending to a nice day. Still, thank you Ben (and Nuffnang) for an interesting day.

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