Saturday, 21 August 2010

A Day Out With Freed Guys

It was the day Ben and his APIIT course-mates completed the last exam of their course. So, it meant that they have officially completed their diploma course. To mark this milestone, they decided to celebrate by hanging out for the rest of the day. I was included in their plans, so I joined them since I had no class that day. Ben came to pick me up and we met up with the rest of them in Tony Roma's for lunch. Haha!! I have spread the Tony Roma's fever.Image Hosted by
We all had Tony Roma's lunch sets. We had pretty much the same things as the last time I went there (click here to read). I think I'm going to witness everything in the lunch set list being ordered if I spread the fever more.Image Hosted by The additions to the ticked list were Adrian and Ben's orders:-

Adrian's Oops-I-forgot-what's-the-name Burger
Ben's Caesar Chicken Salad

Adrian, I took pictures from your blog because they're so nice
plus I didn't take any people pictures that day. Thanks!!
Image Hosted by

The freed fellows

Me among their midst

After lunch, we went to watch Love In Disguise. It's a Chinese show where Wang Lee Hom plays the main character. I know, I know; it's not really my type of movie but we just went along with it because Zheng Si's friends said it was nice:-And surprisingly, it was quite nice. Love in Disguise a typical love story where a guy goes to extreme lengths, doing things they normally won't do to capture the heart of a girl he loves. I do feel that it is another platform for Wang Lee Hom to showcase his talent and wow his fans; but I still liked it because it didn't overly focus on him alone. Yes, it did let him display his musical talent but aside from that, they also let the audience appreciate the beauty of traditional Chinese music and it's unique instruments. I've always been fascination with the gu qin, and this movie made me MORE fascinated than ever. One day, ONE DAY I will learn it!!!Image Hosted by It had some funny, silly moments where Lee Hom showed us the comedian side of him. And it even got pretty touching towards the end. In conclusion, go watch Love in Disguise if you're looking for a feel good movie.

After the movie, we went to Snowflakes and we all got to meet Adrian's friend, Hui Yi. Adrian belanja-ed us. Thanks Adrian!! Unfortunately the quality of the desserts that day was at a thumbs down because they had some supply problem. =/ After out cold desserts, we went to Club 9 for two rounds of pool and later on to an early dinner before we all said goodbye.

Thanks you guys, and Hui Yi; for a great day!!!

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AdrianCJY said...

good that u say Adrian's friend huiyi. unlike Ben go put ac's girl friend lol

BackyardPool said...

Nice outing and the food makes me hungry... rwarrr. I missed my breakfast! haha

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