Sunday, 8 August 2010

My Water Moments with TX5

About time I updated on going for the 'My Water Moments with TX5'. Hehe..I got the invite from both Sony and Nuffnang and last minute decided to drag Vemal along. It was held in Sunway Lagoon and the main reason I went was because there were games and a chance to win a camera!! Well, I didn't bring home a new camera that day (never mind, I still love you my orange Canon!!) but I had fun, got sunburnt, and best of all; made new friends!!!

I locked all my stuff into the locker so I had no camera with me. All the pictures are courtesy of Riki, one of my group members for the day; who also happens to be an awesome photographer!! So here are the photos!!

My Team : C3
Me, Riki, Vemal, Ee Soon and Hooi Fern

We weren't the best team, but it was really nice to get to know each other and planning our game strategies together. Haha!! I still feel we were treated quite unfairly by certain station masters (not the same rules applied to all teams, they changed as they liked) but I don't give a damn about that anymore. I went to have fun and meet new people, and I did just that. So I'm happy. Alright, more pictures!!!

This is Riki and Hooi Fern

The hosts for the day

Riki was so kind to entertain our requests to take our pictures and patiently waited for us to pose pose around. Thanks Riki!!
Hooi Fern, Pui San and MEWe were actually standing under this 'bucket water fall thing' and were waiting for it to fall so we could get a picture of it. Riki took several shots of us:

I noticed I'm the only one with expression change in all the pictures. =.=

Vemal, Me and Pui San!!

One last picture before I end this post. A picture taken and printed out for free when we posed at the underwater station. Prepare to laugh your head off at me:-

That's all for now.

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EeSoon said...

hahaha, it was fun!
nice to meet you my dear~~

nice post! I like it~

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