Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Random With My Konco-s

I've loads to update about but I've been to busy and lazy to sit down and open Blogger .Some random random stuff I've been up to with Abel and Vemal. Yes, I'm labeling you two as my konco-s since you're always calling me the gang leader. =.=

Our totally random trip to Snowflake after dinner where we spent quite some time walking to the bus stop and sitting there, chatting and laughing while waiting for the non-appearing bus. Had to share to take a taxi back. Lucky we got a taxi which was using a meter and ended up paying about RM1++ each. Not bad.

Our desserts

My Taro Ball Series with Taro, Red Bean and Jelly

Their Best Seller (cold)

I wanted to update my iPod software; so since the hostel line is so weird and won't allow me to access the iTunes Store, I moved my laptop to Starbucks along with my P7 notes and Abel for company while updating it. At first when I was updating, the bar showed 2 hours and 57 minutes. So I did some stuff for a little while, but when I checked again, it said 'Failed'. I retried and the second time, the bar showed 4 hours and 52 minutes!!! My eyebrows went up. But I decided to let it run and study with Abel.

In the end, the stupid software didn't manage to update itself. WTH. But at least it wasn't so unproductive because I managed to go through my notes plus update some apps in my iPod. Now I kinda get why some people can spend all day in Starbucks. It is possible to study there but it would be best to go with a friend unless you have a super strong bladder and can hold your wee in for hours. Abel got some random pick-me-ups throughout the time we were there. Haha!! That's another plus; because when you're in a mall, the surroundings are interesting.

Abel's Honey Mustard Fries from Ireland Potatoes

This will have to do while I sort out the rest.
Stay with me!!

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