Friday, 13 August 2010

Happy Meal(s) for Yoong and I!!

An announcement for those whom I didn't rant to: My idiot phone DIED on me for NO REASON. Stupid SE W705!! After an initial investment of RM900 and 1 year and 1month of good treatment (I changed clothes for it 3 times and never scratched it), I would have thought it would last me a few more years. But nooooo, it just shut off suddenly and couldn't be turned on again. The guys at the phone shops told me its not worth trying to repair it. Now I know what it is like to see 'sudden death'.Image Hosted by ImageShack.usMy heart still hurts to think about it. I am NEVER trusting phones which cost above RM600++ anymore. So I have decided to get a mid-range phone and an iTouch instead of an expensive phone. Thank you, Papa. I've got my iPod Touch already, will show you my new baby next time but for now; this post is to update on my coussie bonding time with Yoong.


When was the last time you had a Happy Meal?? YES, Happy Meal as in Happy Meal from McDonald's.Image Hosted by I ordered it while out with Yoong because I missed the McValue Lunch by 10 minutes; and since I was starving, I decided to get a Happy Meal since I was already there. I was hoping to get the Sugar Bunny as the toy but I got something else instead. See:-

Meet Horsey!!
Yoong and I were fiddling with it while chatting and I suddenly figured out how to play with it. So it got kind of addictive. What a sight we both were, two girls hunched over that little pink toy and rocking it back and forth.Image Hosted by We walked around Sunway Pyramid checking out phone prices and then settled in Secret Recipe for tea.

My Spicy Chicken Cornish

Yoong ordered from the tea time special menu
which consisted of
Strawberry Marshmallow Cheesecake


Then we took out Horsey again and played with it more. Haha!! And we even posed with it and took pictures for fun. Won't show you the more demented ones. Just some normal looking ones (sort of):



I gave Yoong the horse to give to Rachel (our 6 year old cousin) but she decided to keep it for time being because she liked it so much.Image Hosted by Well, who would have thought such a random little thing added so much fun to our outing. Brings out the kid in us I guess. Anyway, I really had fun. Yoong, we must do this more often!!!!

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Foon said...

LOL!! We should!! HAhaha.. I felt like some overgrown kid.. xD Guess we were never grown up to begin with.. hhehehehehee...

p.s : thank you for not showing those demented ones.. it would scare ur readers... xDDD

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