Saturday, 14 August 2010

I LOVE my iPod Touch!!!

As I mentioned, I GOT MY iPOD TOUCH!!!!WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I love the high feeling of getting a new gadget. Plus I had been toying with the idea of getting one since the functions really suit me. So I finally got my iPod Touch!!! Let me tell you the very interesting series of events that are related to my new PodPod.

Ben came to pick me up and we went to his place where we made garlic bread (again)with baguette this time. The garlic bread turned out quite alright only he kept obsessing about 'the garlic didn't turn brown'.Image Hosted by We had leftover bread and we experimented with random stuff like cheese and mayo. It was kinda hilarious when we left the bread too long and it burnt. Fun though!!!

Garlic Bread
After eating and clearing up, we all headed to The Gardens for a light lunch since nobody was very hungry after our garlic bread. Oops. We had lunch in Italiannise instead of Sushi Zanmai due to the crazy queue there and because Ben's mum had to rush for a conference. While waiting for the food, I told Aunty I wanted to get an iPod and she went with Ben and me to Machines. And after 15minutes in there, I was the proud owner of this beautiful baby!!

iPod Touch 8GB

Since we were in The Gardens, Ben suggested that I apply to The Gardens Club since my iPod purchase brought up then total expenditure for the day very near to RM1000. After adding the lunch bill to my iPod bill, we had about RM55 more to hit the RM1k mark; so Aunty decided to get a book in Borders to total up the sum. So behold the RM1k bills which made me eligible for The Gardens Club membership:-

I got a nice big bag (useful for my class files) and an envelope of Gardens
vouchers along with my Gardens Club Card. Thank you to all who made this possible. Hehe!!!Image Hosted by

After that, I walked around MidValley with Ben, Jessica and Andrew since the rest had to leave first. We walked around randomly and had some snacks (coffee and Paddington's) before heading back. Since I wanted to set up my iPod, Ben drove me back to Sunway to get my laptop. Jessica also came along and we had Bubble Tea on the way back.Image Hosted by
Once back, I set up my laptop and Ben helped me set up most of the stuff. Thank you, dear.Image Hosted by We had quite a fun time installing apps and testing them out on my new PodPod. There was a point we made everyone stare when we tested out one particular 2-player motion game, iSamurai and we were swinging our iPods at each other and giggling. Hehe!

Dinner was at 1-Stop Cafe. It's located somewhere near Jalan Ipoh?? (I'm not familiar with KL) The concept is similiar to Old Town and those franchise coffee shops. The food was quite alright.

Iced Yin Yong
The coffee was stronger than the tea taste. But otherwise it was alright.

My Nasi Lemak with Mutton and Chicken
It was good!! The portion was generous and the curry was tasty!!

Mutton Curry

Chicken Curry
After dinner, we went back and fiddled around more with the iPod before it was time for Ben to send me back. I was quite tired but very happy. It was a great day!!

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Hilda Milda™ said...

his mum bought you and ipod touch? so naissssss! lucky you :D

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