Monday, 2 August 2010

Food with His Family

A new discovery with Ben. Ikea brand dark chocolate. It caught his fancy the other day while we were having dinner in Ikea with his sisters and grandma. So he bought it to try. Hmmm...won't recommend it much because it tasted a little like cooking chocolate to me. But it would be interesting to use in a home-made chocolate fondue.


Ben's mum gave me a pleasant surprise by saying to have lunch together the next day, when I was saying goodbye before heading back. So the next day, my dear came to pick me up again and we went to Betty's Midwest Kitchen in Aman Suria for lunch with his family. It's quite a charming place with funny piggy pictures and signs all over the wall. Betty's specialises in American food and their menu is non-halal. I had quite a hard time deciding what to order, but after some prompting from Ben, I ordered this.

Classical Meatloaf
The meatloaf had a flavour I couldn't quite place but it was quite nice. I loved the mash though. It had a very nice texture and the gravy was thick and tasty.

Ben's Pork Chop with Country Gravy
The pork was a little tough but otherwise, this dish was enjoyable too.

Hotdog (with beef sausage)

Soft Ribs
Aunty told me that the ribs in Betty's are very good and she gave me a piece to try. It was tasty and I got to practice my cutlery skills because I didn't want to use my hands to eat it. Haha!!

Macaroni and Cheese
This one is something new to me since the cheese was baked to a crisp. I'm so used to the cheese being in the form of a sauce. Nice and interesting. It reminded me of the baked mac-and-cheese which my mum and I make together.

Our dessert, Apple Crumble
I liked it very much. It was served just the way I liked. Piping hot with ice-cream.

After finishing our lunch, we went back to his house for a little while before Ben had to send me back before my 3:30 p.m. class. Thank you, Aunty, dear and family. I enjoyed lunch and spending the afternoon with all of you. :)

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