Friday, 6 August 2010

Cakes, Fire and Fish with Michelle

Abel, Vemal and I took the bus to MidValley the other day so that we could meet up with MEEE-SHELLL. Hehe..sorry Michelle. Couldn't resist.Image Hosted by
It was nice though, trooping around MidValley and The Gardens after lunch with the two guys and her. Abel and Vemal survived the two of us browsing through the clothes shops. Was pretty happy even though I didn't buy anything. I guess I enjoyed the talking and catching up time more than the shopping.

Anyway, we stopped at Pastis for tea since our legs were tired and the others didn't mind getting something sweet to savour while resting. We shared two slices of their Cake of the Month:-

Carrot Cake looked rather weird and wobbly because it wasn't cut nicely. But it did taste GOOD. Abel and Vemal were so tempted to order something more from the menu since the menu looks like a cookbook with nice pictures. Haha!!But in the end, they didn't because they had to head back since Abel was going back to Ipoh AGAIN and Vemal had to meet up with his friend. Before they left, I made Abel snap pictures of me with Michelle. Sorry boys, next time I take pictures with you okay??? :)

Aftert Abel and Vemal left, Michelle and I sat in Pastis and chatted while waiting for Ben to make his appearance. He was exercising his vocal chords in Red Box that time. Hehe. When he finally appeared, I made introductions (finally Michelle, you met him) and we walked around a little before deciding on dinner. Michelle suggested we go to Manhattan Fish Market so we all got headed there and got a table.

We ordered the Seafood Platter for Two to share since we weren't very hungry. I had a feeling I was going to be stuffed full by the end of the meal. And I was correct. But it was really nice though. Image Hosted by

Seafood Platter for Two

Before serving, the waiter took out a burner and flamed the prawns there. He got too syok sendiri when I was taking his picture and ended up charring the prawns a little.

Poor over-flamed prawns
But nevertheless, I was correct. We were so so stuffed after eating and got rather sleepy. We went back to Red Box for a little while because Ben had to help his friend claim his lost student ID. After that, we decided to call it a day and Ben dropped Michelle off at her place on the way to sending me back. Thank you dear.Image Hosted by


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