Thursday, 5 August 2010

Fighting Umbrella Corporation

Resident Evil : Afterlife is coming out in cinemas soon!! And better yet, Sony Pictures in conjunction with Nuffnang is giving away free tickets to 50 Nuffnangers to watch Resident Evil : Afterlife IN 3D; two days before it's release in Malaysia!!!

To be among the lucky 50 Nuffnangers, all you have to do is write a blog post titled "Fighting Umbrella Corporation" telling how you would fight the evil Umbrella Corporation if you were Alice. Aside from the movie tickets, Sony will also be giving out free Resident Evil premiums to the Nuffnangers who get to attend the screening PLUS there is a Sony 16GB Video Walkman waiting for the Nuffnanger who writes the best entry for this competition. For details on the contest, prize and the list of merchandises up for grabs, click here.

If I were Alice, I would go to whatever means I can to take down the Umbrella Corporation. I would attempt to bring them down from the inside first; weakening their internal systems so that it would be easier to completely destroy this evil corporation externally.

Firstly, I would kidnap one of Umbrella's top researcher, Dr. Isaacs and hold him hostage; forcing him to develop a real cure to the T-Virus and find the way to destroy the clones during his captivity. If he refuses, death would be his other option. Next, I would break into their research and production factories to hijack their machines in order to stop them from making more of their evil drugs.

While their factory activities are at a momentary confusion, I would then enlist Claire's help to distract the guards while I attack the Chairman Albert Wesker. I would hold him at gun point and force him to produce all the paperwork and confess his evil deeds in recording. I would threaten to infect him with the T-Virus if he does not co-operate.

I would still infect him with the T-Virus and zombie-fy Wesker anyway after his confession. I will then use his zombie state to convince the other directors of the dangers of the T-Virus and the need to produce a proper cure to it. Then I would bring out my hostage, Dr Isaacs and force him to confess and testify to Albert Wesker's evil deeds. Hopefully he would have invented a cure by then.

If the Umbrella Corporation still does not mend their evil ways even after my attempts and still no cure is available, my last resort would be to physically destroy the whole corporation by shooting down all the directors and researchers; and also blowing up the entire facilities and factories. At least this would destroy their evil monopoly and stop them from doing further harm; allowing other good corporations to emerge and mend the situation of chaos Umbrella Corporation created in the world.

That is what I would do IF I were Alice. I would like to see what Alice really does in Resident Evil : Afterlife though!!! I'm looking forward to the movie. Here's the official trailer for you!!:-

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