Friday, 24 September 2010

Baked Potatoes in Klang

After the longest time, I went down to Klang for the weekend to spend time with my Yee Ma and cousins. I used to head down to Klang almost every week when I first moved to Subang; now it's hard for me to head down so often since I have Sunday classes.

Anyway I reloaded my long dead T&G and spent the afternoon with Yoong in Sunway Pyramid before heading back to Klang with her. Between the both of us, we carried about a dozen US potatoes. Yes, potatoes. Purchased on the order of my Yee Ma who had a kitchen project for our dinner and her cell group meeting that very night. Yoong and I pitched in to help with..


Baked potatoes are relatively easy to make. All you have to do is buy large potatoes, Slice them in half without removing the skin and steam them. After steaming, Yoong and I tackled the finger burning task of hollowing out the middle of the potatoes to make 'boats'.

We do it by repeatedly scraping the middle with a teaspoon.

We add the scrapings into the tuna mayo mixture

We also had a pile of mozzarella cheese with us.

Then we spoon the mixture into the 'boats'...

Drizzle some cheese on top...

And pop them into the oven for 15 minutes. The smell of baking cheese will fill your kitchen. I LOVE that smell. Well, this is what we got when we opened the oven door:-

Baked potatoes

See the cheeeeeeese!!!!

Hehe...Yoong and I only had room for one of the potatoes after we finished baking because we were so full after all the 'tasting' we did during the process. Can't wait for our next project. Weee!!!!

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