Monday, 13 September 2010

Before Ipoh

I'm behind in updates as usual, many apologies if my updates confuse you on my whereabouts. My blog is more of a recording and sharing place. Not a live feed. Sorry!!! =P Just a quick one here:

My parents came down to spend the weekend in Klang before we all headed back to Ipoh for the week long Raya break. Ben was to join us this trip back to Ipoh since he has never been to Ipoh before (technically, he has spent 2 hours in Ipoh before and I don't count that.) and also for my family to spend time and get to know him.

We had lunch at Tony Roma's when they came to pick Josh and me up from Sunway. The 5 of us (Ben came along to) shared an appetiser and two main courses and we were SO full after our meal. We could barely finish all the food even with Joshua there.

Tony's Sampler

Fettucini with Chicken

Fish and Fries

We went to Klang where I did a load of washing. Bless the person who invented the washing machine. I felt so happy not having to bend over the pail and splashing around trying to get my clothes clean. I guess it holds true when people say,"You won't miss it until it's not there." Anyway, Klang was fun. This trip down, my whole family learned never to trust 'Sale', 'Special Offer','Special Discount' signs in shops anymore. I won't elaborate here because it's just such a long story. Ask me about it if you want to see me ranting first hand. =P Whoever started the trend of putting fine print 'up to' in 'Discount' signs should be whipped!! It's just so misleading and unethical.

Putting that aside, I finally had Klang Bah Kut Teh!!! We went to a shop near the old Klang Jusco recommended by my Yee Cheong which we found very good on our previous visit. This one serves it different from the big claypot I'm so used to in Teluk Pulai. You get your own individual bowls with your individual hunk of meat at this shop. See:-

Bah Kut Teh x 4


I made myself salivate looking at that picture. Goodness. =.=
More salivating coming up. Plenty of food overload posts coming next from my trip back to Ipoh!!!!! Stay with me!!!

2 squeaked:

Hilda Milda™ said...

I realized that you eat real often at Tony Roma! You can be their ambassador or something :P

JoYce said...

lol!!!it's kinda true. I seem to be often in there these days. awww...i WISH they would pay me to eat. I love their food. :P

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