Thursday, 9 September 2010

Nuffnang Screening : Resident Evil Afterlife 3D

I was ecstatic when I received the e-mail from Nuffnang informing me that I had won two tickets to the premier screening of Resident Evil in 3D. I practically leaped on the spot with a big grin on my face and waving my iPod around. A few days later, Ben smilingly told me that he also got the tickets. What composure compared to me. =P

Well were both super excited because we had really hoped to watch the 3D premier and also to get the Resident Evil merchandise which will be available upon the tickets redemption. Since we had two extra tickets, Joshua and Abel were our guests and we went to have dinner with Mr Sasi before collecting our tickets.

Since the screening was in GSC MidValley, we had dinner in Pastis since they had the 'Buy 1 main course, free 1 main course' dinner promotion. I shared a Beef Lasagna and the Virgin Mojitos with Ben. Sasi, Joshua and Abel ordered a main course each too.

Our Beef Lasagna

Test Tube Virgin Mojitos!!!

Sasi's Tuna Melt

After our dinner, we went up to GSC to collect our tickets. This time, the ticket collection booths were very unorganised. Only MY FM had a booth with a sign. There was a line in front of an empty booth which after enquiry; only did I find out the other bloggers were just randomly lining up in hope that it was the correct booth. Ben and I were 3rd in line.

Just as the booth open, a couple of teenage boys CUT into the line right after the first couple collected their tickets. It made us see RED!! I spoke up and said to the Nuffnang staffs in charge of the booth,"Excuse me!! They are cutting the line." and to the two boys,"You should line up from behind!!". Ben said the same thing to them. And if you would believe me; those two boys actually had the CHEEK to turn back and say to us,"We were here very long already!!" and quickly tuned back and looked at the Nuffnang staffs to get their tickets. The staff looked like they didn't really know what to do and I couldn't really do anything since the other bloggers behind also didn't say anything. (In fact, there was ANOTHER line cutter directly in front of us who had slipped in a few moments before.) I felt so indignant and I really REALLY wanted to make a scene and give those two cocky little, over-gelled, over-spiked haired boys a good dressing down!! My hands flexing and I was fuming. Even Ben who's usually the quiet one was red in the face and breathing hard. The girl behind me tapped me lightly on the back and said to me,"Never mind, some people are just thick skinned." Thick skinned??? More like lacking in basic social etiquette in my opinion!!

When it was our turn to collect our tickets, we were disappointed to see that there were only notebooks and PV Gloves as the merchandise that came with the tickets. They promised more merchandise than that in their contest post here. But anyway, we just took our tickets and went to get ice-creams in McD to cool off.

Our tickets!!


We went into the cinema at 9 p.m. and were given 3D glasses for the movie. It took a while for the movie to start and we were pretty restless because the screen was blank. I can't believe I actually wanted to watch ads. =.=
The movie was action packed and gore-filled; just as I expected. I still enjoyed it though because the plot unfolds very quickly and there's a lot of eerie, suspense moments where you just know a zombie is going to APPEAR and grab hold of a victim. I liked the slow motion fighting scenes and the dry humour in the movie. However, I was a little disappointed that the 3D elements in the show did not contribute much to make the show more enjoyable. I thought there would be bullets flying out at me or zombie tongues flicking out of the screen but I didn't get any of that. I would recommend that viewers watch it in 2D instead. Overall though, I think Resident Evil : Afterlife is worth watching. Only don't pay too much attention to the logic of the show. =P

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