Saturday, 25 September 2010

Pui San's Sugar Loot Evening

Pui San and I had dinner in Empire Subang the other day. I haven't been to Empire Subang ever since it first opened and I must admit; I like it better now that almost all the shop units are occupied and open. Everything is new and gleaming; and the best part was, it was not crowded like crazy even though it was a weekend. Me, the crowd phobic = happy.

We had dinner in Chili's since Pui San was raring to eat something nice after being on restriction due to being sick. Haha!! I agreed since I've never been into the Chili's in Empire before. The decor there is pretty much the same as most Chili's outlets, but this one has wall windows, so it isn't as dim as the others.

My Hot Chili Chicken Crispers
Gosh, I LOVE their mash potato!!! I can just eat this only and be happy.

Pui San's Grilled Chicken Club Tacos
She only managed to finish two of the tacos and had to take away the last one.

After we finished our dinner, we went to Charles and Keith to have a look at their special PINK! promotion in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness month, where you can buy both a pair of shoes and the bag for RM199.90. The shoes were pretty but the bag was too small for me and not really my style. Pui San also showed me a fur trimmed bag she was eye-ing and I did my share of drooling over a few pairs of 4-inchers and a white tote bag. I love Charles and Keith!!! Only thing is, so many people in Sunway are sporting Charles and Keith bags that I don't feel it's very exclusive; though their bags are really SO NICE!!!!

I tore myself and Pui San out of there before we fell totally in love. Dangerous for our purses!!! Pui San then happily dragged me to Whisk; a tiny little cafe located at the bottom floor where their specialty is their macarons. They are priced at RM2 a pop and RM18 for 10 pieces.Apparently the macarons are so hot selling that they restrict the number of the chocolate flavoured ones which you can buy. And for those who're frowning and wondering what macarons are, these are macarons:-

Assorted flavour macarons
Cute yes?? I couldn't resist taking pictures of them!!!
RM2 a pop sounds very expensive right?? I did some research on them and found out that they're very tricky desserts to make and some chefs bake like 7 to 8 batches before getting them just right. So thus accounts for the eye-widening price tag. This makes me SOOOOO tempted to try making them on my own. I tried one and I liked the chewy and slightly crunchy texture. Interesting!!!Image Hosted by

We were about to head home when we passed by another shop called Serai, right opposite Whisk. Pui San gave a shriek, dragged me right up to their display counter and pointed excitedly at a cake that they had just put out on display.

Serai's Berry Pavlova

I went Image Hosted by at all the sudden excitement. Pui San explained that Serai's Berry Pavlova is like a rare treasure. She NEVER sees a SLICE on display much less a whole cake. She HAD to buy it and asked the waitress for a slice to go. "It's my lucky day!! Joyce, you're lucky!!!" she said. I couldn't help but giggle and ask the waitress to let me take a picture since it's so rare. The amused waitress obliged and we made some people stare and order it too out of curiosity at all the attention we were giving to that cake. Image Hosted by

Guess I just found a new dessert area to explore... Image Hosted by

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