Sunday, 5 September 2010

My Feet are Pampered Too! =)

Time for another update!! I've been getting to spend more time with Ben since he's finished his course; which I love, and it also means I see a lot of the rest of the family too. And they're good company, I must say.Image Hosted by

We went back to Pitstop again for lunch the other day since his sisters loved the place. We played the board games again while waiting for our food, which (again) took quite long to appear at our table. We ordered from their sets again, I had the Black Pepper Lamb Chop set this time, and the portion was HUMONGOUS!! Two big slabs of lamb meat and it tasted pretty good.

My Black Pepper Lamb Chop
Ben and I used our student cards to get the student discount again. This time, I tried giving them my ACCA student card alongside my Sunway Student ID to see if they would give a discount on another of the sets we ordered. Surprisingly, they allowed it. Nice.

On a separate occasion, I followed them to BSC to collect Andrew's contact lenses from BSC and we stopped by Coffee Bean for a quick drink and bite before heading back. Our quick drink and bite turned into a nice, long chat session. I had an Ice Blended Caramel and shared a Caramel Macchiato Cake with Ben (I know, caramel overload. I didn't realise it until the orders were put in.)

Ice Blended Caramel
It was nice but I think I'd better not order this in future. Not good to drink so sweet stuff often.

Caramel Macchiato Cake
It was rather weird to be honest. I won't call it a cake. More of an eclair.

In addition to my tastebuds pampering, my feet also got their share. My previous pair of slippers busted a strap on me a few weeks back (this is like the THIRD TIME this happened to me ever since I moved to Subang!!!) and ever since I have been hunting for a good pair of slippers to replace them. After some browsing, trying and thinking, I finally decided to get the Hush Puppies slippers which I've always thought cool. I'll show you later on why I think they're cool.

I went to the Hush Puppies store in The Gardens with Ben and Aunty to take a look at the selection available and it was there where we discovered an incredible offer. They had put up a sale sign for the slippers saying '10% off first pair, 50% off second pair' and I thought that was a good bargain. But upon further enquiry from Aunty, the salesgirl told her that the subsequent pairs of slippers after the 2nd pair of slippers were ALSO 50% off. Wow. It meant we could buy like 10 slippers and the 1st pair would be 10% discount while the other 9 pairs at 50% discount. GREAT OFFER right?? I bought my two pairs for myself and Ben got another two pairs for himself. The original price was at RM89.90 but I ended up paying only RM106.80 for two pairs.Image Hosted by
Our Hush Puppies loot!!


And the reason they're cool is because the coloured based have Velcro lining at the bottom and are removable. So I can switch the colours of my slippers. Demonstration!!!:-
So buying two pairs is akin to buying 4 pairs, do you agree??

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