Wednesday, 22 September 2010


This one is dedicated to my beloved W31 and W51 awesome members. You guys really make me high with all the laughter I get from each of your antics.

Desiree, I should have listened to your warning of Nasi Goreng Maryland being super huge and hard to finish!! Being so hungry clouded my better judgement. Aaahhh!!! Ended up wasting the rice and fries of this plate:-

Nasi Goreng Maryland from Murni
Jee Kit turned up wearing hotel slippers which he got from his flights to Taiwan. I was so tickled by it that I HAD to snap a picture of it to show.

Jee Kit's sexy legs in hotel slippers
Okay, I admit it. I secretly wished I had a pair too!!! Aren't they cool because they're BLACK??

Mooncake Festival this year was different because it was my first time away from home during this period. Not that we celebrate it big at home but it was weird watching people lighting candles and lanterns and not being part of it. No, I didn't get emo. Ben surprised me that afternoon by turning up unexpectedly to bring me to lunch. Image Hosted by He left for his family dinner after that.

I had dinner with Brian, Francis, Stanley, Desiree, Yean Shan, Jee Kit, Kar Ning and Samuel in a restaurant in USJ 1. It was the dinner of The People Away From Home (technically Jee Kit isn't) but it was a really fun dinner. Thank you all for the great Mooncake Festival dinner.

Just let me show you a random picture of the restaurant we ate at. It's actually a factory building and the owner parks his car IN the restaurant when he closes because his house is above the restaurant. Cool or what. Hehe.

This has been such a random post. Haha!!
But typing this made me feel a blessed girl to have such wonderful people in my life.
I hope I am as much of a blessing to those who have blessed my life....Image Hosted by

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