Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Korean Food Fest!!

I finally got to SING K again after soooooooooooooooooo long!!!! Yay-ness!!! I didn't sing myself hoarse this time though. Plan to do that NEXT time. Yoong do you read me??? The K-Lunch was crappy though, and I'm glad that I exchanged my food for a drink.

We had an awesome dinner that night, thanks to Ben's Suk Suk. We went to Seo Gung in SS2 and had KOREAN!!! I think this place is related to Da Sa Rang in in SS15 because the decor and menu looks similiar to me. Anyway, I was SOOOOO happy to get to eat Bibimbap again. I would have been totally contented with just the Bibimbap but Czetrine ordered the Family Set which was a total FEAST for all of us. The whole table was full of food and I was urged to eat eat eat eat. Not only because they were generous, but also because all of Ben's sisters and him couldn't stomach Korean food. =.=

Well, I did my best. I ate so much that it was hard to move. I didn't manage to get pictures of all the food in the set but I did my best. So scroll down to droll.

I really love how they come in little plates!!!

It was rather 'bone-y' but tasted quite alright

This was something rather similiar to glass noodles
I didn't take much of it because of the liberal amount of carrots in it.

Hot Pot!!!
I took mostly meat from there. It was nice.

Steamed Egg
That was NICE and smooth on the tongue. I definitely prefer this to cawamushi.

Sizzle sizzle!!!!It was heavenly. I won't mind eating beef prepared like this everytime!!

My favourite for the night!!:-

Aren't they cute?? My favourite Inouki bundled with beef!!

The tender, juicy meat with the vegetables made chewing it so enjoyable.

It was a little too floury for me but the sauce was nice.

Are you drooling yet??? Besides all the pictures I showed you, I also had Bibimbap, Kimchi Soup, Herbal Chicken Soup and a few more I don't recall. Everything was served piping hot and I was red-faced by the time we finished. Phew...

Barley water to cool off

And we have come to the end of another of my food overload post.
Does anyone know of a starvation camp which I can sign up for to balance this off???

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