Thursday, 23 September 2010

Dinner Date in FRAMES

P2 classes are getting seriously brain squeezing these days. I dread those classes like some people dread going to the dentist. And yes, I do do other things besides eat and post food in my blog. I just don't blog about it, duh. Would you rather read about me fidgeting in class and chugging Red Bull to stay awake than my food posts???

Anyway, Ben brought me out to dinner after one of the terrible classes. It was also to spend time with me before he went on his Kuantan trip with his friends. I walked some of my P2 stress away round and round Pyramid with Ben (I think I increased his mall walking stamina ever since he met me. =P ) and in the end settled on FRAMES for dinner. I've been here before, and my last visit was quite satisfactory. This visit, we were showered attention from a certain man who seems like the manager, but I didn't clarify that so I'm still not sure what was his position. Well, it reinforced my opinion that FRAMES has a very good team of serving staff. So do go there if you're looking for a nice place to unwind and enjoy great service.

Our Signature G-Frosts
It's original flavour is grape and lychee but I got apple and lychee after the man I mentioned earlier offered to whip up whatever I wanted. It turned out pretty nice!!!

My Lasagna
It didn't look very nice but it tasted nice!! Rather a pity the portion wasn't bigger though.

Ben's Cajun Meatball Pasta
The meatballs weren't great, maybe because of the meat mix or something to do with freshness; but I liked the spaghetti. Again, the portion could have been bigger.

Overall, I would say FRAMES selling point would be it's environment and desserts. It provided the perfect environment for me to relax and enjoy my company. Oh oh, and I finally installed foursquare after some initial resistance. All due to Ben and Adrian's fanatic 'check in' mania that made me join the cult to not feel left out. Talk about falling for peer pressure. Haha!!!

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