Friday, 17 September 2010

Ipoh Overindulgence

I finally returned to spend Raya break in Ipoh. Enjoyed this trip very much because Ben came with me. I was a really happy girl to get to enjoy the comforts of home, with family, friends AND my dearest with me during the trip.

If you want a word that summarises the whole trip; it would be EAT. That was practically what Ben and I did majority of the trip. Since Ipoh is famous for delicious food everywhere, Ben was brought on a food marathon throughout his week in Ipoh. I felt a little guilty that I didn't have any special places of interest in Ipoh which weren't food shops to bring him to; but he was fine with the EAT EAT EAT theme (after all, isn't that what visitors to Ipoh come for??), so I added some fun into it with a few baking projects.

I left all the Ipoh food blogging to Ben (click here, here, here, here, here and here to read) since I was already behind in updates and I'd already blogged about a few of the places we went to. So let me show off some of my home kitchen products in this post. My dad got my mum a nifty new microwave oven which can be used for baking cakes; so at the request of my dad, I made some baked goodies. I dug out my Mummy's old recipe books and decided to make chocolate cake. This was the result of first attempt:-
It was burnt on the top because the new oven was really hot. My mum cut of the burnt crusts before we sliced a little to taste; and we were smiling gleefully when we found that the cake texture turned out really nice. I decided to make chocolate icing and iced the cake. The icing didn't really turn out due to some mistake in the measurements but it was still alright. See the final product:-

We brought Ben to the Royal Perak Golf Club for dinner and the most adorable kitty came up to our table hoping to get a share of our dinner. It sat at our table almost the whole time and I was so tempted to stroke it!!!

"If I pose cute like this will you feed me???"
*Heart melts*

Moving from kitty to kitchen, I attempted another chocolate cake recipe with lower temperature settings in the oven and it turned out NICE!!! See it fresh from the oven:-

It was thinner than the previous recipe so I sliced it in two, made some chocolate icing, sandwiched the two halves with chocolate icing and iced it all over. Ben was laughing while watching me ice the cake since I was racing against time before the icing hardened when it cooled. I ended up giggling while slapping on the icing clumsily. Here's my amateur icing work!!!:-
It tasted better than it looked!!!!!

Another thing we made was baked mac and cheese. See what I mean about utilising the new oven??? I LOVE making baked mac and cheese because it's simple and relatively easy to prepare. And the result is just SO SINFULLY rich and cheesy. I love the smell of it when it comes out of the oven. Here's pictures for you!!!:-
CHEESE overload!!!

Am I making you wish you had an oven at home and want to start baking??? =P

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